Duende de arcilla
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Duende de arcilla

Duende sentado

Duende de arcilla

Duende sentado

Duende de arcilla

Duende sentado

Duende de arcilla

Duende sentado


Contradiciendo esa idea, por cierto,  tan insidiosamente extendida de que los duendes invierten todo su tiempo en escondernos las llaves y en trastear la configuración de nuestros ordenadores,  puedo afirmar que ellos también tienen sus momentos para la reflexión y en esos casos un tronco en el bosque puede hacer las veces de cómodo banco desde el que ver pasar la vida…

Arcilla roja horneada a 1020ºC, decorada con esmaltes cerámicos en bicocción.

Belén Soto


      • Give thanks to your mother, and kind regards from Spain !!
        In this case the correct expression is ” a mi madre le gusta “, her memory is very good 🙂

    • Hola A., perdona por el retraso en contestarte ( aquí disfrutamos de unos preciosos días de sol y playa … ) 🙂
      Muchas gracias por todo y feliz semana!!

  1. Yet, another adorable piece, Belén! I so admire your work.
    I would love to own one. Perhaps that will happen one day.
    Right now I am falling behind blogging & other things of life because I am working very many hours a day… 14 – 16 hours.
    How would I get one of your pieces safely here to Canada?
    Much love to you! _Resa

    • Resa Hello, thank you very much for your valuable friendship and for your kind compliments !!
      There are many hours of work, I hope you have a good compensation for this effort … do not worry about the virtual world, we will wait here, and we understand that now you have no time 🙂
      I face serious problems in my studio, I think I’ll have to move and I did not feel strong … my time is short and my mind is not fine for blogging 😉
      Would have to calculate the postage to your country … but I also want you to have one of my pieces.
      A big hug Resa, take care !!

      • Much love to you!
        Both of us need to deal with our work related issues.
        I hope you find a most wonderful new studio! Do not worry about blogging!
        When the time is right, you will blog…. & I will blog.
        Now, I have only time & mind to stay in touch with my favorites, and you are one of my favorites!
        HUGS & xxxx’s

      • Thank you for your understanding, are difficult moments … when you least expect changes come 🙂
        Happy weekend Resa.

  2. Thank you for your like
    It’s always nice to meet like minded people
    Unfortunately my art is buried in my blog but it’s there if you choose to look
    You’re is beautiful this figure
    As always Sheldon

    • Hello Sheldon, nice to meet … and to discover your work!
      I model the clay better than words, writing talent I need …
      Thank you very much for your visit, have a nice day!


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