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Resa’s ☆ 1000 Post Gala ☆

Nuestra amiga Resa celebra sus primeros 1000 posts, creo que ella ha realizado un gran trabajo y me gustaría participar en su fiesta, el post llega con sorpresas … no os lo perdáis!!
Our friend Resa celebrates her first 1000 posts, I think she has done a great job and I would like to participate in her party, the post arrives with surprises … don’t miss it!!

Graffiti Lux Art & More

‘RESA’s  1000  GALA:  ⭐ STARRRING STREET ART & more art ⭐

Barcelona, Spain – courtesy SATH 

Arists: Sath w/ Sendys – Title: Free wifi – Photo © Sath

 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Courtesy Aquileana

Photo © Amalia Pedemonte – Artist: unknown at this time

With  Georgiann’s Chickletsproviding Costumes & Set Dec

gi Chicklets Art © Georgian Carlson

and Special Effects by Sherrie

Photo © Sherrie Yager (just inside the street art)

Welcome! I’m Drake, Master of Ceremonies  for Resa’s 1000 Gala Resa wanted to be here, but she’s at home with Belén tending to Sol’s & my newly hatched egg.

drake1 Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

Hehehe! Cuter than any street art! Right? We haven’t named her, yet. Hello little girl .. kiss , kiss! Love you baby girl … Huh?

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

OH, he he, he! Yes, back to the 1000 post! NO…NO…

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  1. Felicidades. Personalmente, espero llegar a los cien «posts» al comienzo del año entrante.

    Mucha suerte y espero que llegues a los dos mil «posts» muy pronto.

    • Hola Ze, mi amiga Resa es una gran trabajadora, una estrella del Rock&Blog … yo, como tu, espero llegar algún día a los 200, para mi no es fácil publicar a diario, mis producciones no dan para tanto 🙂
      Muchas gracias por todo, le transmito a Resa tu felicitación.
      Feliz fin de semana!!

    • Muchísimas gracias Guillermo, muy amable!!
      No logro acceder a tu blog desde hace unos días … confío en que se pueda solucionar.
      Disfruta de un buen domingo, un abrazo.

    • She is a one star of the Rock & Blog, one thousand posts is an unreachable number for beginners like me 🙂
      I’m glad you like the baby duck, it was a challenge for me … Sol egg is very small and I had to think of a miniature.
      The photo inside the egg shell is sensational !!!
      Thank you very much and happy weekend.

  2. Gracias!!! ⭐ This was a very fun post to make. Drake looks fabulous in that green bow tie.
    Baby girl is absolutely gorgeous. la más hermosa.
    I hope everyone enjoys this post as much as I do!
    abrazos y besos

    • De nada, tu eres mi estrella favorita, the best and most beautiful lady !!
      Drake has become a versatile master of ceremonies and you a wonderful blogger, congratulations to both.
      Congratulations also to Sol, his maternal care and your inestimable help had a happy ending … the baby duck is lovely !!!
      Abrazos y besos.

    • It’s true, friendship is the most important thing and in this world of the blogosphere I have found very good friends 🙂
      Resa is a great artist and a wonderful woman, it is very difficult to reach her numbers, it is admirable the work she develops in her blogs …
      Thank you very much Inese, have a great week !!!

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