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⭐️ ⭐️ Lluvia’s First Duckmas ⭐️ ⭐️

Nuestra encantadora familia de patos canadiense nos envia la mas bonita tarjeta de Navidad.
Muchas gracias querida Resa, tu post es el mejor regalo para tu amiga, esta ceramista española.
Our lovely Canadian duck family sends us the most beautiful Christmas card.
Thank you very much dear Resa, your post is the best gift for your friend, this Spanish ceramist.

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🎵 🎵 Fa La La Quack, Quack Fa La La Quack La. 🎵 🎵

My sweet family of Ducks created by Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto from Arcilla y Fuegosend sincerest warm wishes to everyone, no matter what holiday they celebrate this season. May your joy equal theirs!

Cermaic Artist: Belén Soto

The warm holiday lights were turned on, & Lluvia stood under the tree for a picture. A star fell off, & got caught in her bow. It was so cute,  Sol took about 1000 photos.

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

Of course Drake and Sol have over shopped gifts for their special girl, but you can’t blame the proud loving parents!

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

Even as they introduce baby girl to the world, Sol has decided to send Lluvia to the all girl «Duckademy» for higher flying.

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto


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  1. So much fun, dear Belén!

    Thank you for Lluvia! She is a wonderful spirit of Rain. Thank you for the reblog and sharing with all your friends.
    I hope everyone where you live has such a wonderful Christmas as I will have with my loved ones.
    By the way, Drake wants to know if you have sent the holiday chocolates, yet? He goes to the mail every day.

    • Lluvia is a beautiful baby duck, I think that when she is an adult she will look a lot like her mother … an authentic Spanish beauty, I think you will have a lot of Canadian ducks hanging around your windows 😉
      This year the chocolates travel in one of Santa’s reindeer … I’m trying to circumvent customs and restrictions with food.
      Rich chocolates with 90 percent cocoa … I miss the snacks with Drake 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • You are lucky to miss the snacks with Drake. I am now the one who snacks with Drake. I have gained 2 kilos.
        When I told Drake you have sent the chocolates with one of Santa’s reindeer, he flew up the chimney, and now waits on the roof. ❤ ❤ xoxo

      • Snacks with Drake are pure energy … 🙂
        Send a blanket to the roof, Santa has a lot of work these days ❤ ❤

    • Hi Sheldon, I am also glad to see you again, thanks for continuing there.
      Every day more students enroll in my classes, my teacher tasks take time out of my passion for my work ( I suppose that money is also necessary 😉 ) … but I needed to sit down to create with time and get my hands dirty again with the clay … I have worked on some new things that I will show.
      Thanks again and a big hug from Spain!

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