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💫Arcilla y Fuego Stars Gala💫

Mi adorable familia de patos canadienses ha decidido organizar una gala para premiar la labor de mis estudiantes, desde aquí, me gustaría agradecer su apoyo a mi trabajo y al talento que muestran todos nuestros alumnos . Muchas gracias Resa, eres genial!!!!
My adorable family of Canadian ducks has decided to organize a gala to reward the work of my students, from here, I would like to thank your support for my work and the talent that all our students show. Thank you very much Resa, you are great !!!!

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Good evening! Sol & Drake here. We are your hosts, for the Arcilla y Fuego Stars Gala.

This Gala honours the Students of Belén Sotoand their creations. So, without further adieu, let us present to you:

Paloma has lovingly created – Bathtub – The sense of humour found in this sweet piece is definitely an extension of the teacher, our mom in Spain.

This beautifully classic expression of Stone Dreamsis the inspiration of the talented Iris. She must be part duck.

Fran has executed this very unique work of ceramic aptly titled Sucking Octopus. This artist definitely has their own special take! Of course, as ducks, we don’t find any Octopus in our lake.

Armis a classic, realistic approach and is realized by Andrea. We especially love the texture achieved on this ceramic. It makes us think of feathers.

Vicky has given us much joy with this…

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  1. Belén, you are very welcome. I have always enjoyed your creations. You have a sense of humour and whimsy that delights me. You are passing your craft onto others, and I am enjoying all of their creations.
    A Gala seems a perfect way to celebrate. Drake and Sol are eager for more Galas. Sol can get a new dress, and Drake wants a new bow tie.
    First, we will be celebrating Drake’s graduation from Chocolatier college. It will be fun!
    Please give a hug to each student for me, and I look forward to seeing more of their creations!
    Besos y mas besos!

    • This year I have a lot of new students, many didn’t know about Drake’s adventures and yesterday they were the whole class browsing your blog … and mine, I have to say there was no class, I sat with them, and I told them about all the stories of our ducks, today I took the photo book 🙂
      I think that Drake has many fans around here, one of my students, who is a drawing teacher at an institute, proposes to me to make an illustrated book that tells the whole story, I don’t know, maybe one day …
      From here, we also send you many hugs and kisses. ❤
      Happy weekend, for humans and ducks 🙂

      • Aww, I’m so glad your students enjoy the story of the ducks!
        Did they see the Wedding of Drake and Sol? Did they love Sol’s wedding gown?
        What a wonderful thing this is! More HUGS and Kisses!!!!
        ❤ ❤
        & love to your big puppies!!!

      • Today I brought them the pdf with the wedding program you did, and I told them all the «anecdotes» of the spectacular wedding … and honeymoon!
        They loved the bride’s gown and have laughed a lot with «the mysterious problem with the cake» 🙂 🙂
        The puppies and the happy ceramist send you a big hug!!!

  2. Elles sont bien jolies ces pièces, vos étudiants ont bien travaillé! These are very nice pieces of art from the students, saw them on Resa’s site, nice to see them here

    • I’m going to choose English, my French is not good, I’m sorry 🙂
      Thank you very much Jean-Marc, you are very kind, the truth is that I have very talented students, very interested in learning … ceramics is my passion, I love my work and I enjoy this opportunity to transmit my skills …
      Merci encore et bonne fin de semaine!!

    • It’s a beautiful piece, and it’s made in real size … I love it, I think it’s a great work.
      Thank you very much YC, I wish you a happy weekend!!!

  3. You deserve the accolade from our friend Resa dear Belén as your work is so unique and sometimes full of fun 🙂 ❤

    • Thank you very much Ralph, really, thank you, these kind comments are the best reward for my work. Resa is a great artist … besides a wonderful woman and a good friend for all of us !!
      Happy weekend.

    • This is a selection of the best works of my students, our friend Resa has organized a fun «Gala» to show them together in a post, she is a good friend and has always supported our work.
      Thank you very, very much Monika, have a happy weekend !!!

    • Thank you very, very much Christy!!
      The teacher is very proud of the efforts of these future artists … and they are so happy to have a place in Resa’s wonderful blog, it is a nice reward from a great friend.
      A big hug for you 😉

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