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Dancing with Dino

«Dancing with Dino» by my dear friend Brad Volz

writing to freedom

Dancing with Dino

ceramic figures, Belen Soto, artist Darling Dino from Belén Soto

I once met a figure from Spain

who traveled mostly in the plain

he was a small green fellow

and rather quiet and mellow


but find any water or puddle

and beware the Dino muddle

full of jumping, leaping and roaring

giggling, grinning and soaring


come dance with Dino and I

kick up your feet and let fly

express your true flavor

life is waiting to savor


the path is simple to start

allow love in your heart

find your passion and play

joy will show you the way


This is an attempt to allow my inner child to play. Thankfully, the figures of Belén Soto invite my child to come out and be silly. Truthfully, I don’t allow myself much play, and yet my spirit thrives with play. May we find more ways to play and allow our…

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  1. Thank you Belen. We’ve had so much fun with your figures, I may have to keep dancing and writing with your delightful figures. I see trouble ahead with the pirates and bears! 🙂

    • The bears are very well behaved, are pacifists, but I think we have problems with pirates, his manners … well you already know 🙂
      I appreciate your support and this wonderful collaboration.
      Nice week Brad!!

    • Ampliando mis horizontes, creo que es lo que toca… 🙂
      Tengo mucha suerte con mis simpáticos seguidores.
      Buen fin de semana Enrique!

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