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Piezas elaboradas con arcilla y horneadas

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The Gang

Mis pequeños Benji y Ms Zulu han llegado a su nuevo hogar y ya conocen a los originales … me encantan estas fotos!!
My little Benji and Ms Zulu have arrived at their new home and have already met the originals … I love these pictures!!

Life of Benji

IMG_5544c.jpgLB and LZ soaking up sunshine under a palm tree

It has been a whirlwind since LZ and LB showed up on our doorstep. It took them six weeks to travel from Vigo their birthplace in Spain to us. They left Vigo on November 8 and arrived in Madrid the next day where they had to stay for a while. We didn’t receive any updates until they showed up again in New York on December 10! Both Belén and we at headquarters were all worried when we didn’t hear from the little ones for four long weeks. We are still trying to get the gist of it but may never completely know what happened. At some point, there was even talk about LZ and LB being kidnapped. Luckily that was not the case. Customs did hold on to them a bit longer than what was needed but we can’t blame them because the little guy and girl…

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