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Piezas elaboradas con arcilla y horneadas

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Twelve and more!

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Lots has happened these past few weeks, so it’s time for an update. Our CCI visitor is gone with the wind again, more on that subject later. We also celebrated Ms. Zulu’s 12th birthday. That’s a lot of years! We don’t…

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Here Comes the Bride

Me gustaría compartir con vosotros el precioso reportaje fotografico realizado durante la boda de Sol y Drake en Toronto, especial atención al vestido de novia, creacion de una maravillosa diseñadora Canadiense, gracias Resa!!
I would like to share with you the beautiful photographic report made during the wedding of Sol and Drake in Toronto, special attention to the wedding dress, creation of a wonderful Canadian designer, thanks Resa !!

Graffiti Lux and Murals

Dear Belén, I’m so happy you flew with Lúa and Mar to the wedding!

As promised, here are the wedding photos. Sol’s wedding dress is very beautiful!

She can’t stop showing it off!

Didn’t you just love the look on Drake’s face when he saw Sol in the gown for the first time?

It was a beautiful ceremony.

Sol’s egg was a beautiful Flower Girl, even though it is not hatched, yet.

I thought Penelopoe The Witch did a lovely job presiding over the ceremony. I had no idea that Duck Weddings were so unique.

I loved the way Penelope led all of the Ducks in a quack-off as they circled over Drake and Sol, while they made their pledges to each other.

Of course, in duck weddings, the bride kisses the groom, and it was a beauty of a kiss.

Here’s the photo from prior to the ceremony, when the…

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Little Reminders

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Little Reminders ~ the little one’s glee shining innocent and free reminder to be ~ Here is another fun ceramic figure from Belén Soto, inspiring me to play and enjoy life. This cute character is called El Pequeño, meaning the…

Cachorro de Golden
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  Clay El equipo profesional de Cerámica Belén Soto tiene el placer de presentar  a una nueva incorporación en nuestra plantilla. Tras la irreemplazable pérdida de nuestro fiel y siempre querido Yako, he intentado posponer  la tarea de cubrir los puestos que quedaron vacantes, después… Read More