Perro de cerámica esmaltado
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Perros de cerámica

Benji y Ms Zulu en Vigo

Jorge, el ceramista que se encarga de que el Taller de Cerámica Belén Soto siga funcionando mientras yo estoy en nuestro Estudio dedicada a mis tareas como docente, y mis otros dos colaboradores, han querido dedicar este pequeño homenaje a nuestra modelo mas querida, Zoë  aka  Ms Zulu …  para todos nosotros fue un honor y un placer trabajar con ella.

Perro de cerámica esmaltado

Ms. Zulu

Perro de cerámica esmaltado

Ms. Zulu


Ms. Zulu, border collie

Ms. Zulu en la boda
Foto propiedad de A.F. y el Equipo ZAB


La mas hermosa modelo con la que podría soñar una ceramista.

La mejor Dama de Honor que podríamos encontrar para una boda.

Siempre habrá un lugar para ti en nuestros corazones

Cerámica Belén Soto


    • Ms Zulu will always be my favorite model, she knew how to win the heart of a ceramist … her eyes, her look …
      Thank you very much Cindy, I send a big hug from Spain!!!!

    • Muchas gracias Mirna!!
      Of all the models that have posed for my pieces, Ms Zulu will always be my favorite, her nice and attentive look is hard to find …
      My best wishes for this new year!!!
      Happy 2019.

    • This was not my idea, I did not know if this would not increase your sadness … but in my workshop they insisted on creating a small tribute and that she always had a place in the blog, the fact is that Jorge worked a lot on the design of the pieces and he felt a great affection for the elegant model.
      Thank you very much for your understanding, I send my best wishes for you and your family
      Happy 2019!!! Big hugs!!!

      • Awww, rest assured, we at headquarters are very moved by your thoughtful tribute. Ms. Zulu was everything we could have hoped for and she gave us her best until the last end. I’m sure Ms. Zulu is smiling from the rainbow bridge knowing how much people cared. Thank Jorge for putting so much effort into the design. We enjoy the statue every day, it has become a centerpiece in our house. Every time I look at it, it feels as if she is still with us. Her look and her pose are so well captured. We have always been impressed with how well you captured this without seeing her in person. Best wishes for the new year and hugs to you and everybody in your workshop. B&A&H

      • Without ever having seen her in person … she and her brother are almost another part of my family.
        Hugs and kisses!!

    • A pesar de no ser la actriz principal ( Benji ) ella se ganó un lugar en nuestros corazones.
      I cried a lot when I received the news, I do not know … I always thought that she would live many years and many adventures, I could not understand such a sad ending.
      I liked the tribute you did in your blog … somehow I also wanted to have a nice memory for her.
      Best wishes dear friend.

      • After Ms. Zulu’s ACL repair, when she was 10 and we got Benji shortly thereafter, she perked up so much we were kind of lulled into the belief that she would live forever. She lived a rich life and enriched ours and for that, we are very thankful.

      • My dogs, all of them, have taught me to be a better person … I think that, sometimes, they bring us more than what we can offer them.

      • I did, too.
        Sí, también lloré cuando supe la noticia. Zoë [Sra. Zulu] era un perro hermoso, y pensé que estaría por muchos años más, ya que Annet es claramente una persona amorosa y cariñosa que tiene la paciencia para entrenar a sus amigas de pieles y brindarles la mejor atención posible.

        Tu homenaje de cerámica a Zoë fue perfecto! Capturaste su belleza, inteligencia y personalidad en arcilla, prueba de tu talento como ceramista y artista. No tengo ninguna duda de que Annet lo atesorará por siempre.

        That said, best wishes for you in 2019! Your lovely ceramic art is a joy to see on your posts. I have great admiration for your skill, especiallyu, in capturing the personalities, humor, and beauty of animals. (Give your doggies a Happy New Year «scritch» and head rub from Andy, Dougy, and me!)

      • My puppies (Clay and Ruty) and their proud mom 🙂 … say thank you very much for your good wishes and your kind words, we are very happy to have such good friends in this blog world … Thanks!!

      • I feel very much the same, Belén. I’ve had a deep interest in other cultures since childhood, when I had an Indonesian penpal. The Internet helps me continue that contact with other people around the world, several of whom are now friends I treasure! (You, of course, are one of those people!)

      • Contact with people from other cultures makes us wiser, teaches us to respect what is different (but not always bad) and to be more tolerant.
        The language is sometimes a border, that with help and good disposition, is easy to cross 🙂
        Thank you very much for your sincere and valuable friendship, dear Doug!

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