Mural graffiti
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Para Resa

Mural graffiti

Mural, autor Liqen

Mural graffiti

Mural, autor Liqen

En mi ciudad no todo sucede siempre como se supone que debería suceder … a veces, el alfarero y sus piezas intercambian sus papeles, y son las obras las que realmente van modelando al artista, en estos casos lo mejor es permanecer estático sobre el torno y dejar que todo gire, y gire, y gire …

Mural graffiti

Mural, autor Liqen

Mural graffiti

Mural, autor Liqen

Los alumnos y la profesora del Estudio de Cerámica Belén Soto quieren dedicar este post a nuestra amiga Resa McConaghy por su apoyo a nuestras obras, no ha sido fácil escoger el tema, pero pensamos que esta combinación de Graffiti y Cerámica es perfecta para ella.

El mural es una obra de Liqen en colaboración con Sam3, podéis verlo con mas detalle en el enlace:  Modelism 1, también os recomiendo una visita a su blog:  Liqen,  os gustará, él es un extraordinario artista.

Cerámica Belén Soto


    • Thank you very much!!! This year Resa deserved a nice gift …
      Dear Cindy, I send you my best wishes for peace and joy for this new year.
      Happy 2019!!!!

    • Thank you very much!!
      I think Resa has earned her gift, she’s a good friend for our blogs … and a good friend of all ducks 😉
      I send you my wishes for peace and happiness in this new year.
      Happy 2019 !!!

    • Me gusta la idea del arte en la calle, acerca las obras al público, y este mural es perfecto para nuestra amiga Resa … she loves street art and ceramics, perfect combination!!
      I send you a big hug and my best wishes in this new year.
      Happy 2019 for all the family!! ( two an four leggs )

      • I like street art, too, especially when it expresses the spirit of the city or street where it occurs. It brightens out lives, affirms our values, and cfan be genuinely brilliant art!

        Likewise, hugs and best wishes to you and your doggies for 2019! Give them a doggie treat for me!

      • In my country it is tradition to give gifts on January 6, Clay and Ruty will receive a special gift from you … and from Andy and Dougy, they are impatient … 🙂

      • That makes sense – Epihany is January 6th. In the US, most people take their Christmas decorations down after Christmas but before New Years, but the tradition is they should stay up till January 6th. Oddly enough, though that date marks the arrival of the three magi with their gifts for the Baby Jesus, gift giving, of course, is on Christmas for some people, and Christmas Eve for others.

      • In Spain, with the arrival of the big shopping centers and international shopping chains, Santa Claus and the Christmas Eve gifts have also arrived, but when I was a child the gifts were brought by the Three Kings of the East, on their camels on January 6, Nowadays families celebrate both days with gifts and a great confusion has been created among the children, they have to live two different traditions, the own one of their country and the new … imposed by the market, it is not a bad thing (they receive the gifts twice) but for them it’s confusing …
        A big hug … and happy Epiphany!!

    • Thank you very much, dear Eddie!!
      I also send you my best wishes for this new year.
      Happy 2019!!!
      In my country it is the custom to send a hug to our family and friends … so … A big hug my friend!!

  1. Gracias de mi corazón! Es una alegría compartir tu arte cerámico con mis amigos. Deseo que todos los estudiantes, Belén y su familia y amigos 💥❤️💥🍷💥🌹💥Feliz Año Nuevo! 💥❤️💥🍷💥🌹💥
    Compartiré este maravilloso regalo en enero uno. (reblog)

    • Muchas gracias a ti, querida amiga, tus amables comentarios y tu apoyo a nuestras obras han sido el mejor premio para mis alumnos.
      I’m glad you like it, it’s not easy to find a post that unites those two great passions, street art and ceramics, but when you look for something … the city always responds 🙂
      I send you my best wishes in this new year, a lot of peace, love and joy for my other family.
      Hugs and kisses ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Reblogueó esto en Graffiti Lux and Muralsy comentado:
    Belén Soto, master ceramisist, and her students have honoured me with a wonderful mural.
    From Vigo, in Spain, they have sent a perfect combination of street art and ceramics.
    My heart is full of gratitude to Belén and her very talented students.
    This is my first publication in 2019. I wish all the best year of life.
    Belén Soto, maestra ceramisist, y sus alumnos me han honrado con un maravilloso mural.
    Desde Vigo, en España, han enviado una combinación perfecta de arte callejero y cerámica.
    Mi corazón está lleno de gratitud a Belén y a sus estudiantes muy talentosos.
    Esta es mi primera publicación en 2019. Deseo todo el mejor año de vida.

    • Thank you very much for sharing … and for this wonderful introduction, we are all very happy to know that we have been successful with the choice of the post, I have to say that on this occasion the choice of the teacher has been imposed 🙂
      We send you a very, very big hug !!!

    • Thank you very much!!!
      Resa is a great friend, her support for our work fills us with pride, we wanted to find a special tribute for her … and I think she liked it 🙂
      Happy 2019, I hope it’s a great year for you.

    • Thank you very much, dear Carolyn!
      I had many doubts when choosing an appropriate theme, our common friend is a very special woman … combine our two passions in a post I think it has been a good choice 🙂
      Happy New Year!!!

    • You’re right, Resa is a great artist and a wonderful friend for all of us, she deserves the best.
      Thank you very much Sidran, I also wish you a Happy New Year!!!

    • Muchas gracias por tu visita y por tu amable comentario Brian, perdona el retraso con el que llega mi respuesta … lo siento 😉
      Have a good weekend … it’s almost coming 🙂 and thanks again!!

    • Un precioso mural, es mi favorito, para una gran ocasión!!
      Me perturba la idea de que sea la obra la que modele al autor.
      Saludos, y muchas gracias por tu visita!!


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