Dinosaurio y duendes de cerámica
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Dinosaurio y duendes de cerámica


Dinosaurio y duendes de cerámica


Dinosaurio y duendes de cerámica


Dinosaurio y duendes de cerámica


Dinosaurio y duendes de cerámica


Dinosaurio y duendes

A veces nos obstinamos en no continuar, aún conociendo la cercanía de nuestro destino y la ausencia de dificultades, nos resistimos y nuestra fuerza se alía con nuestra voluntad, es en esas ocasiones cuando la paciencia de los compañeros de viaje puede flaquear … pero no hay nada que no pueda solucionarse con un pequeño empujón.

Arcilla roja horneada a 1000ºC  en monococción y madera en la peana, para aportar el color hemos usado betún de Judea.

Belén Soto


    • Merci beaucoup George.
      C’est l’une de mes premières sculptures … mes premières années de travail avec l’argile.
      Bonne journée!!

    • Wooow, thank you very much Benji !!!!
      You are still as kind and generous as ever.
      Our Dino does not want to continue his way, … do you also resist doing things that you do not like? Now, as an older brother, you are the example to follow 🙂
      A very, very big hug.

  1. Querido Belén,
    This is a wonderful piece, with much wisdom behind it!
    I have been thinking about you, and am happy to see you blogging again.
    You must be very busy.
    Muchos abrazos y más besos!

    • Ohh, dear Resa, I also thinking about you, I missed you so much … and our ducks too.
      True, a lot of work, little free time … but my economy has improved, this last one is good. I had several offers to teach children in private schools, institutes, etc, it has been fun but exhausting.
      I spent three months in an English school of the Montessori method in which they did not speak my language, I remembered a lot of you when I had trouble expressing myself with words … I discovered: 1º that writing English is not the same as speaking English, 2º that my pronunciation is horrible … really horrible and 3º that children are always great whatever their nationality.
      I am happy to be able to blogging again, this is a piece that I did many years ago, I saw it in the house of his current owner and I asked him to take some pictures, it was night and the photos are not good but the work is great, I see it after so many years and I still love it!!
      Kisses and hugs … and thank you very much!!

  2. Que buena fuerza tienes vida, me recuerdas los gnomos y los fósiles, hasta esos griffos que navegan en los imaginarios aferrados a la histiroria de los titanes. Pareces morder el tiempo y moldearlo con la cerámica de todas las culturas.

    • No puedo resistirme a continuar en mi intento, infructuoso a todas luces, de modelar el tiempo a través de mis piezas.
      Cómo me alegra saludarte de nuevo Guillermo, llevaba un tiempo sin aparecer por aquí … y lo echaba de menos.
      Muchas gracias!!

    • Sometimes, I think we all have an obstinate part inside, when we do not want to do something … 😉
      It is a work I did many years ago, when I was young and I started working on this, I found it during a dinner at the house of its current owner and it brought me good memories … I was a very, very creative girl 🙂
      Thank you very much for everything, dear Inese!!!

    • Hello, thank you very much … very kind!!
      In addition to ceramist, I am a ceramic teacher, children are always those who really enjoy clay, their creativity has no limits … and work soon becomes a fun 🙂
      Have a nice day.


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