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Joy & Peace to All – from: Drake, Sol, Lluvia & Resa

Desde Toronto, mi adorable familia de patos quiere desear a todos sus amigos unas Felices Fiestas, la suya es una bonita historia de amor con final feliz … un verdadero Cuento de Navidad!!
Este ha sido mi primer regalo del día y creo que el mas especial.
Muchas gracias Resa McConaghy
From Toronto, my adorable family of ducks wants to send their wish of a Happy Holidays to all their friends, theirs is a beautiful love story with a happy ending … a true Christmas Story !!
This has been my first gift of the day and I think the most special.
Thank you very much Resa McConaghy.

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When Drake arrived from Belén Soto‘s in Vigo, Spain, to live with me, he was a punk duck, all cocky and figured he was going to make a successful  career as a chocolatier.

Then a very pretty young duck, her name is Sol, won a duck mating challenge. She bravely flew to Toronto, with her egg, against all weather odds.

Sol & her egg arrived in time for Christmas, or as ducks know it, Duckmas!

It was love at first sight for both Drake & Sol. Drake borrowed the money for the engagement ring, from me. Sol accepted his proposal, and they chose a June wedding date.

It was a lush wedding. Sol was the most beautiful bride, ever! I designed her gown. Now, I’ve designed some gorgeous gowns, but this is my piece de resistance.

Although Lluvia had not hatched, she was the Flower Girl

However, Lluvia…

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    • Muchas gracias!!! … yo también te envío mis deseos de paz y felicidad en estas fiestas y todo lo mejor para este nuevo año que casi está llegando 😉

    • It is true, the best … and the happiest of families, our ducks always manage to smile when I see them … they are adorable!
      Thank you very much, I send you my best wishes for all my Canadian family, Happy Holidays ❤
      Hugs and kisses.

  1. That’s marvelous news, we are very excited about the boy egg! Benji is so happy to have played his albeit small part at the wedding. Ms Zulu is smiling from the rainbow bridge and wishing the happy family lots of luck.

    • A black duck baby with a small crest on his head would be perfect for the family 🙂
      Drake, these days, he can not fly so high (his excesses with chocolate …) but Sol is a great athlete, I’m sure that sometimes, she flies over the rainbow and speaks with her beautiful bridesmaid, they were made good friends … ❤
      Thank you very much for everything Benji … and my dear A. … and Happy New Year!!!!

      • We are looking forward to seeing baby duck. Drake you better watch out with that chocolate! So sweet of Sol to talk to her bridesmaid over the rainbow ❤❤❤. Happy New Year! B & A

      • Bad eating habits were acquired in Spain, with her previous mom 😉 … she loves chocolate … can not resist the temptation!!!
        Now Drake dreams of being the best Master Chocolatier of Toronto.

    • Ohhhh !!! What a beautiful comment, I love it, really, I love it!!!
      Thank you very much dear Christy, Resa is an extraordinary woman and a wonderful friend for all of us who form this blog world, she deserves all our love … because she never hesitates to offer us her own.
      I send you my best wishes for this new year, I think it’s going to be a very special year for you, congratulations!
      Happy 2019 … and a big hug from Spain ❤

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