Dino pelo largo
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Dino pelo largo

New look …

Dino pelo largo

New look …

Dino pelo largo

New look …

Dino pelo largo

New look …

Dino de «pelo largo»

Probablemente pertenece a alguna tribu urbana… yo ignoro a cual,  pero le asiste el derecho a elegir su propio estilo, un dinosaurio urbano.

Arcilla roja horneada a 1010ºc, decorada con esmaltes cerámicos en bicocción.

Belén Soto



    • Of course, he always wears a spray paint saved in … well … always wear one 🙂
      Thank you so much, I love you like this young dinosaur!
      Hugs Resa.

  1. Muy Bonito! I absolutely adore your little dinos. The expression you create within each gives it life and a delightful personality! I hope you get as much joy from creating them as the viewer does! You are incredibly talented, Bravo Belén! Be kind to yourself this day and applaud yourself for a remarkable job!

    • Muchas gracias!!!
      Thank you so much, after reading your kind comment, I think I feel rewarded. Your compliments are a wonderful prize.
      My creatures are a bit like me … I have a very positive and cheerful attitude, even when life gets hard.
      We try never to lose our smile-)
      Big hugs Tina

    • …I would think that I have (talent)
      This teenager think he’s gone a bit presumptuous:-) enjoys being the objective of the cameras. a genuine urban dino !!
      Thank you very much Claudine and other great hug .

    • Muchas gracias Alejandro!! me alegra que te guste mi trabajo.
      Es un dinosaurio joven…todavía está experimentando con su estilo 🙂

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