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Mushroom Musings

Tengo el gran honor de ilustrar uno de los maravillosos poemas de mi amigo Brad Volz.
I have the great honor of illustrating one of the wonderful poems of my friend Brad Volz.

writing to freedom

Mushroom Musings

mushrooms, poetry, magic

moist yearnings

secret learnings

spores of delight

taking magic flight


awakening our sacred heart

excited for a new start

tales of magic, fairies and gnomes

blessing our hidden homes


let your child play

enjoying each new day

from birth until re-birth

creating heaven on earth


This poem was inspired by the playful mushroom home below and the beautiful ceramics of Belén Soto. The photo above was found on Facebook Science Fanpage. May your musings be filled with magic and mushrooms.  XDceramics, mushroom, poetry

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    • Gracias a ti Brad, un español perfecto, congrats!! your poems, perfectly translate into my language, do not lose meaning and reading is enjoyable even if they lose the rhyme.

      • Not the same walk through the magical forest to be the focus of a community of bloggers …
        It is not easy being artists, they also have their weaknesses
        Thanks Andy 😉 😉

  1. How wonderful! 🙂 I love the poem, the photo of the mushrooms and I like your ceramic mushroom best! 🙂

    • Thank you Amy, and I’m sure that Brad is also grateful for your kind words, gives us a beautiful poem … I bring a detached house for elves 🙂
      We have to find a way to create an international collaboration of blogs, your wonderful pictures and my ceramics 😉 the result would be great …
      Same to you Amy.

    • Hello Mickey, thanks for your support, this is a small collaboration with my friend Brad, the credit goes to the beautiful poem.
      Kind regards!!

    • Anarette Hello, thank you very much, we share the interest in these small beings, they are kind creatures who love the forest … often their little antics are misunderstood by the humans 🙂
      I love your posts on «elvepedia», are great !!!
      A hug Anarette and thanks again for your visits.

      • How great that we share the same interests in elves and their marvelous wonderland . A hug to you too!

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