Cuenco de cerámica
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Cuenco de cerámica

Cuenco esmaltado

Cuenco de cerámica

Cuenco esmaltado

Cuenco de cerámica

Cuenco esmaltado


Cuenco de arcilla esmaltado, una acertada elección de los esmaltes y la mágica complicidad del fuego nos permiten crear sorprendentes juegos de luz y reflejos.

Arcilla roja en torno alfarero, horneada a 1040ºC, decoración con esmaltes cerámicos en bicocción.

Belén Soto


    • Si que lo hace, pinta sorprendentes cuadros llenos de brillo, a mi me recuerda a alguna obra psicodélica 🙂
      Un abrazo y muchas gracias Verónica.

    • Preciosa evocación del gran poeta … el artista de las palabras.
      La arcilla llena de calidez nuestras cocinas, decora nuestras mesas con sus delicadas formas y su humilde belleza.
      Muchas gracias y un abrazo Guillermo.

    • Logra captar la atención con ese efecto caleidoscópico, creo que va a lucir preciosa en alguna cocina.
      Muchas gracias Daniel …es la alquimia del fuego y sus agradables sorpresas.

  1. Es espectacular…
    Me encanta todo en este cuenco, su luminosidad acompañada por los colores de la tierra, por ejemplo….!
    Felicitaciones , Belén !!!

    • Muchísimas gracias, eres un cielo!!
      Lo cierto es que si piensas en las materias primas, arcilla (tierra), agua y fuego … el resultado parece obra de alguna maravillosa magia 🙂

    • Muchas gracias !!!
      I was very pleased to see you again active, you had me worried …
      I now have less time, this is a time of hard work, but I am happy to know that you’re still around here, visiting our blogs, always so friendly and lovely!
      A hug and take care much Tina.

    • Muchas gracias, me alegra que te guste.
      El proceso de la cerámica siempre nos reserva alguna sorpresa, convirtiendo las toscas piezas de arcilla en pequeñas obras de arte …

    • Fue en lo primero que pensé al sacarlo del horno, con estos brillos y extrañas simetrías … me ha salido un cuenco hippie, jejeje 🙂
      Muchas gracias Eva, eres un cielo!!!

  2. Que obras mas hermosas.
    Se siente como el amor y la dedicacion va traspasando por tus manos.

    Que tengas una hermosa semana.

    Bendiciones ❤

    • Hola Solange, que sorpresa tan agradable, no te imaginas cuanto me alegra ver tus visitas y comentarios, es un verdadero placer tenerte por aquí.
      Aprecio de verdad tu apoyo a mis trabajos, es muy gratificante!!
      Te deseo lo mismo, disfruta de una maravillosa semana.

    • Muchas gracias Robin, eres genial!!
      I love experimenting with glazes, but not always go well … usually the result does not inspire a photo 🙂
      Abrazos y besos.

      • When I commented before my phone keeps wanting to switch my words 🙂
        I appreciate your compliment, Belen. I meant «muy» but it came out the other word.
        I like the turquoise colored hat on your cute little guy, reminds me of a sprite or elf. Have a happy weekend xo

      • The friendly smartphone makers, think about pianist’s fingers when they are designed …
        I love hats, are good for my skin in the summer and I think that subconsciously, when I model one of my creatures, always add a nice hat to protect from sunlight.
        Moreover, this is an elf, with very good taste to choose his wardrobe 🙂
        I also apologize for my mistakes with the English, these mistakes are mine … no keyboard 🙂
        Hugs, Robin.

    • Thank you very much to you and your mother to continue appreciating the ceramic pieces, are elements that adds warmth to our homes … a beautiful and useful ornament in our kitchens.
      Mine is a craft that is disappearing, and as you can see, I take every opportunity to promote it 🙂
      Have a nice day !!

  3. La sensación que denota tus cuencos, es estar en medio de una galaxia que solo te pertenece a ti. Los reflejos son impresionantes y eso que solo lo observamos a través de las fotos. Ahí radica el valor de tu arte.

    • Gracias por compartir mi universo cerámico, la mía es una galaxia formada a partir del fuego, en la que triunfan los brillantes reflejos y la creatividad, en la que siempre es un placer recibirte …
      Un abrazo!!

    • True, I’m working on this, I had an Amazon invitation but I do not know if it will be the best option for me …
      I have a lot of projects in my head, but I can’t focus on any of them, I’m a little anarchic 🙂 🙂
      Many thanks Irene, have a nice weekend !!

      • I do sell at both Amazon and Etsy. Both demands money and Etsy was earlier a little more cheap than Amazon, but they just lifted their prices in percents per sale too.
        At Etsy you pay 0,20 USD per item to place them for sale for 4 months. When you sell, they take some percents too, which you need to calculate for your prices for abundance for you. At Amazon Handmade it can be free to place for sale and then we pay more percents, when we sell an item or as their other model cost around 40 USD per month and then only few coins per sale.
        I have sold at eBay too, but I don’t know their conditions for ceramic products, I only sold jewelry there. At eBay you can choose to sell by auction or for a period. By auction you can be lucky to earn more, but you also have the risk, that your products will go for too little an amount.
        There are several places to sell online, but these I mentioned are the most big of them.
        When you find abundance again, you might also find energy to look at your possibilities, Belén. I will include you in my meditation and send you healing thoughts, hope this will help you too. Otherwise walks in nature with your wonderful dogs can give much too. Enjoy your weekend too.

      • Thank you very much for all this information, you are very kind, now I understand everything better, I was hesitating between Amazon and Etsy but I am a mess with the conditions, I think Amazon is a good option if you sell many pieces, maybe to start with the shop, Etsy offers better conditions … if you don’t sell the expenses are not great.
        Now I have to study the issue of shipping costs and commissions to find the right price for my works.
        Thanks also for your good wishes, I need to relax and face my projects one by one, is the best way.
        A walk with my dogs can be a good start 🙂
        I’m sorry for the mistakes, my English is not very good …
        A big hug from Vigo !!

      • You are so welcome, Belén. I have been down so many times in my life, that I also found out, what helps me best to get back in track.
        Etsy sounds like a good start for you. When you choose your prices, remember the cost of envelope and packing generel. Then the weight to get the prices. If you place the price for packing inside your item, you will sell more, because you can have a lower price for postage.
        Your English is good Belén, my first language wasn’t English either, but we do our best anyway. Learning by doing 🙂

      • Hi Irene, sorry for the delay in answering, I enjoyed the day in Portugal, here we are very close … thank you again for your kind advice and for your time, I truly appreciate it.
        You are right, shipping costs are always a problem for the customer, it is a good tactic to modify the price of the product and offer a more attractive shipping costs, it is a good advice.
        Right now I have the clearest ideas, I think I’m on the right track … thank you.
        Wish you a great week, I will soon receive my precious necklace and write you 🙂

      • You are so welcome Belén and I’m just happy to be able to support you.
        Nice to hear that you enjoyed Portugal today, maybe you got energized too 🙂

      • I needed to recharge my energies, forget the daily problems and walk near the sea … true, it has been an energizing journey 🙂

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