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Belén Soto’s Drake Noir Moves to Toronto

En el inicio de su tradicional migración hacia lugares mas cálidos, Drake cometió un error al introducir las coordenadas en su GPS, ( le advertí que sus plumas son muy grandes para unas teclas tan pequeñas ) … y tras una gran aventura transoceanica, el ha llegado a Toronto, Canadá.
Todo mi agradecimiento para Resa, A Drake le encanta este nuevo hogar, sus ojos me dicen que el es muy feliz!!!
At the start of his traditional migration to warmer places, Drake made a mistake when entering the coordinates in your GPS (I warned him that their feathers are too big for such small keys) … and after a transoceanic adventure, has come to Toronto, Canada.
All my thanks to Resa, Drake loves this new home, your eyes tell me that he is very happy !!!

Graffiti Lux Art & More

Belén of Arcilla Y Fuego sent her Drake Noir to live w/me in Toronto.

Ceramic Artist: Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

He was very nervous upon arrival & hid in the plants .

DNoir #3 Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

I took him walking in the alley. The art captivated him.

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

“Hey mom, look at me! I’m hangin’ in the alleys of TO with Resa! ”

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

LOL! As this slideshow reveals, we had a great day of muralling!

When we got home, Drake insisted on having shots taken on the floor I painted. He said I was an artist, too!

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

When I introduced Drake & mini-me, it was love at first sight! Here mini-me models a pin Beléndesigned. Drake flew over from Spain with it , as a gift for me.

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

You can visit Belén on her blog site…

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    • Me muero de envidia, con gusto lo hubiese acompañado …
      pero me alegro por Drake, se que le va a gustar su nueva vida, aquí no hay muchas posibilidades para un joven pato, y esto que nos venden de la “movilidad laboral” creo que tiene mucho que ver con las migraciones 🙂
      Gracias y buen fin de semana!!

  1. Aww, thank you and many kisses! I am very happy Drake has made it to Toronto in good health. He is settled in very nicely & mini-me is very smitten with him.! 🙂 xo

  2. Wooow what a trip! From Spain to Canada are so many trans-oceanic flying hours!!! He’ll be happy to have had this chance… are you going to visit him, one day? I think there he will have fun, though perhaps in winter will be a little cooler. Take care, dear Belén and have a lovely week end…
    kiss :-)claudine

    • Drake is a bold duck, but did not expect so much movement during the flight, he landed a bit dizzy …
      Someday I would like to have the same luck and travel to visit him 🙂
      In search of heat, I have to admit we are a bit lost 🙂 … certainly will put his bed near the heater.
      Happy weekend to you too, hugs Claudine.

      • I would love to meet you one day in Canada when you come to visit Drake, I promise Drake will have a very warm bed in the winter! 🙂 Right now it’s 40 C so worries.

    • Ahora es un ciudadano canadiense … bueno, un pato canadiense.
      Ya superados los efectos del “jet lag” ha iniciado la fase de socialización con los nuevos vecinos …
      Gracias Eva, le haré llegar tus buenos deseos.


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