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Polly Wolly!

Mis pequeños polluelos corren y vuelan felices , ellos se han encontrado con una alegre y bonita poesia …
Gracias Brad.
My little chicks run and fly happy, they found a cheerful and beautiful poetry …
Thank you Brad.

writing to freedom

Polly Wolly!

ceramics, birds, fun, poetry Polluelos ll by Belén Soto

this Polly does NOT like crackers

that’s nonsense from wackers*

Snickers bars bring me bliss

any birdbrain knows this


although we’re made of clay

we’re ready to dance and play

each day full of surprises

with delight in all that arises


now it’s time to bid adieu

I enjoyed bumbling through

may your day be full of food and fun

and wacky friends to share thepun


Her birth name is Polluelos ll, but she likes her new nickname. She and her creator, Belén Soto, just like to have fun!  🙂 What’s a bird to do? If you enjoyed this playful character, please visit Polly and her playmates on Belen’s website.

* Wackers is an urban term for enthusiastic people who overdo things, especially wanna be EMTs and fireman! Another urban definition is something out of alignment.

Here’s more silly word…

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    • Thanks to you for your support and for these wonderful comments, you are very kind !!
      I like all my little creatures transmit joy and happiness to the public, that is my task 🙂
      A big hug.

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