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Wild Rose

Una maravillosa obra de arte de mi querida amiga Resa.
A wonderful artwork from my dear friend Resa

Art Gowns

Could you ever fall in love with a wild rose bush, as it languishes in sun?

WRose #0

Then you’d want to take it home, but soon realize there’s not enough top soil in your apartment.

WRose #21

My solution? Make an Art Gown, and dedicate it to someone who has the earthy requirements!

WRose #2b

Wendy Ellen Thomas is perfect! Visit her blog Chez Chloé & see what I mean.

WRose #30

Wild Rose is a simple concept. Black is the earth.

WRose #33

Pink is the wild roses.


As a veggie, I will never wear a leather dress I inherited from work, but I can do it justice.

WRose #002WRose #001Originally, it was a mini with tank style bodice & nasty zippers up the front.

With much glee, I cut away and restyled.

I spent less than $30.00 on a delicate pink lace with rose pattern.

Wild Rose #10WRose #6I used the lace for the corset insert & the skirt.

To decorate the…

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  1. Wow!!! Thank you so much. I hope everyone in Vigo likes it. After all, should my little Black Drake ever get married… in the future…. when he grows up more and isn’t always thinking of chocolate … I will make his bride’s dress!

    • Sorry to tell you this … but Drake never cease to thinking about chocolate, is a hereditary problem, his Spanish mother also likes 🙂 🙂
      Thank you for lending me your precious post, has filled with color the cover of my blog.
      Of course, you will be the chosen designer !!

    • This is a work of art, sometimes I think our friend Resa is not aware of the great talent that she has, her designs are beautiful and very artistic.
      Thank you very much Maria, have a good start to the week !!

    • To Maria & Belén,
      I adore you both!
      It makes me feel wonderful to know you, both very intelligent and creative women, regard my work as art!
      Much love to both of you!

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