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Felted dogs: Dolly and Juca

Me gustaría presentaros los maravillosos trabajos de Leonor, con sus hilos da vida, entre otros, a estos perros personalizados, pequeñas obras de arte.

Felt Buddies (and stuff)

If you’ve been around for a while, you might know I specialise in making little needle felted dogs. Each one takes a long while to finish, but I do love my work and just feel over the moon when I hear back from happy customers. Can you imagine, then, how I feel when I have repeat customers?

I’d made a pet memorial for this lovely lady before, a dog named Mica. A few months later, she felt it was time to honour her other girls, Dolly and Juca. I was more than glad to oblige.

As always, I had photos to go by, and asked questions when I wasn’t sure about some details. Here’s the end result:

2015-10-13 13.31.59




Look at this photo – one of the girls is admiring herself. Can you imagine what’s going on in her mind at this moment?


Lastly, here’s a close-up of all the minis together. I think the lighted box…

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    • Thanks for that 😀 I know this dog in particular wants the minis to come out of the protective glass so she can play with them…

      • Three new friends to play with them … is a tempting adventure, difficult to say no.
        What a great invention the protective glass 😉

      • A great invention indeed! I’ve had to perform surgery on one of my minis before, scary thing! The original dog definitely did a number on the little one…

    • A que son geniales!! … no sé si ya la conocías, yo me he quedado muy impresionada con los trabajos de esta joven artista, me encantan estos perritos, son de un realismo que me deja pasmada 🙂
      Muchas gracias … y buen inicio de semana.

    • They are perfect copies, is a collection of wonderful works, she is an amazing artist !
      Thank you dear Resa, I’m glad you like them.
      Hugs and kisses.

      • I love those little dogs! I never saw anything like it before. & I too would like to play all day like Dino juguetón!

      • Totally agree, it’s great to be young and have no responsibilities … always happy and with time for fun 🙂
        I miss …

    • They are copies of the original in a reduced size 🙂
      I love these small works, I impressed by the attention to detail, they are so realistic !!
      Thank you very much.

  1. icástico

    Vaya labor! Si que es maravilloso el resultado, en la primera foto si no ves la mano puedes creer que se trata de un perro auténtico, de carne y hueso. Un saludo

    • Es como si un mago travieso los hubiese reducido de tamaño, perfectas copias del perro original, pero en miniatura, me encantan las obras de Leonor, me parece tan complicado crear estas piezas a partir de hilos … es genial!!
      Muchas gracias y feliz semana.

    • This wonderful artist has magic in her hands, she is able to reduce the size of reality …
      Her works are impressive.
      Thanks Sheldon, have a good start to the week !!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Belén! Very grateful for your kind words about my minis 🙂 And well, for being called young, that doesn’t hurt either, haha! Have a wonderful week 🙂

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