Elefante de cerámica
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     Las creaciones de mis alumnos

Selección de piezas realizadas por los alumnos de cerámica creativa y alfarería durante los cursos.

Elefante de cerámica


Elefante de cerámica


Elefante de cerámica


Diseño y creación de  Esther

Jugando con arcilla  … modelando ideas

Iniciándose en el apasionante mundo de la cerámica.

Belén Soto


    • Thank you dear friend,
      Our project of a marriage agency for ducks follow their path, slow, but runs their course … 😉
      Gracias Resa, besos y abrazos!!!

    • Muchas gracias Aquileana, para mi estos son los mejores días del año en mi tierra, me encanta el calor y el verano 😉
      Disfruta tu también de una gran semana, abrazos!!

    • I love these animals, so large and so adorable at the same time … the same thing happens with dinosaurs, they are perfect models for an artist, impossible to get lost in the details 🙂
      Thank you very much, Robin, have a wonderful week !!

      • Thank you, Belen. You have such talent and show your kind heart, too. ❤ Hope your week goes well and you enjoy it!

      • Hopefully, this message gets to you, my cell phone has been acting up when I send messages!
        I have enjoyed your creations and especially like your animals. ❤

    • I love these animals, so big and powerful … and at the same time peaceful and vegetarian, it is a contradiction that attracts me.
      Thank you very much for your support, I really appreciate it.

      • Elephants are gentle and are often beaten for being slow it clumsy. There are some elephant sanctuaries which protect these 🐘 gentle creatures.

      • I suffer a lot when humans harm these wonderful animals, I think they deserve all our respect and love, they are exceptional creatures.
        I collaborate with several associations that take care of their well-being, including Tennnessee Elephant Sanctuary, http://www.elephants.com.
        It is terrible the pain that we are able to cause humans because of the ivory, it is really very sad.
        Thanks for everything Robin, happy Sunday!

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