Bulldog de cerámica
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     Las creaciones de mis alumnos

Selección de piezas realizadas por los alumnos de cerámica creativa y alfarería durante los cursos.

Bulldog de cerámica


Bulldog de cerámica


Bulldog de cerámica


Diseño y creación de  Ángela

Jugando con arcilla  … modelando ideas

Iniciándose en el apasionante mundo de la cerámica.

Belén Soto


    • Thank you very much!!!
      Thank you very much, on our part.
      This breed of dogs are a wonderful inspiration … with those lines so stylized 🙂
      Good night and sweet dreams.

    • They are very funny dogs, perfect to inspire a cheerful potter, are not very active and always have a wrinkled look 🙂
      Many thanks Benji, enjoy a happy weekend !!! … and a hug for your mom.

      • They are; I have wrinkles too. Moms says she very much appreciates the hugs, hugs from all of us too and a happy weekend! Benji.

      • You also have wrinkles, maybe you should pose for me … they are the perfect texture for the ceramist.
        Thank you very much!!

      • Oh, I would love that very much! You should get in touch with my mom, she is my photographer. I can sit very pretty she says. Benji.

      • I’m sure you’ll be an excellent model, I’m going to ask permission from your mom.
        I need to inspire myself with two photos of you, front and profile … and if everything goes well, you will have a post with a double … in pottery 🙂

      • I will tell her right away and I am sure she will get to work and provide the photos. I am very excited and honored, am doing my spin, Benji!

      • My mom emailed you some photos. Not sure if you got those as the attachments are quite large. We are still waiting for some sunshine to take some photos that are a bit nicer. Pawkisses, Benji

      • Hi Benji, tell your mom that I have not received the email but don’t worry, I have seen your new post and the photos are perfect, really perfect.
        You have professional model ways :). On this occasion I changed the size of the photo by the wonderful pose, congratulations Benji !!
        In my workshop everyone has visited your blog, they think that Ms Zulu should also appear in the sculpture … I’ll think about it,
        … maybe lying in the back.
        Enjoy a nice week !!

      • Mom says she will send a new email and put the photos on her google drive and share them with you. I will ask mom to share photos of Ms. Zulu and me together. Lots of thanks for your interest and hugs for all in your workshop, Benji!

      • You deserve it!! … you’re a good dog and I’m sure you’re a good friend too.
        Tell mom that she can send the mail to: belen@ceramicabelensoto.com
        I know, it’s a harder email to learn … but this is a company email and it always works, I must have problems with my AOL account

      • Mom resent the email to your new address just a minute ago. I am keeping my paws crossed and hope it works this time! Benji.

      • Now you can stretch the paws !! And also enjoy a little race with your sister, the photos have arrived !!
        Now it’s my turn, I’m going to look for a nice red clay 🙂

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