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The Deal

My friends Benji and Ms Zulu request your collaboration to complete their great work … and get another delicious treat.
Mis amigos Benji y Ms Zulu solicitan vuestra colaboración para completar su gran labor … y conseguir otra deliciosa golosina.

Life of Benji

After putting our heads together, Ms. Zulu and I found a way to get lots of treats and make mom happy at the same time. This is the deal: for every «like» we get on this post, mom will donate $1.00 to the shelter we came from. AND, here is the kicker, my big sister and I will get one treat per dog for every 10 likes! For this purpose, we both put our best paw forward in front of the camera. So hit like and get as many people and animals involved as you can because we want to give back to the shelter we came from and uhhmmm… well, end up with lots of treats in our treat account too. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! 

sillyAttention, please!!

silly2Are you listening?

silly3We need lots of li(c)k(e)s.

silly4To get yummies in the tummies!

Puppy kisses from Ms. Zulu and…

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