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Lots of Treats!

I am also happy to report that Benji and Ms Zulu have fulfilled their mission with great success, I want to thank all those who have collaborated in this deal, we now have the wise help of our friend Doug, I think the account of treats is already in the highest.
Yo tambien estoy feliz de informar que Benji y Ms Zulu han cumplido su mision con gran exito, quiero dar gracias a todos los que habeis colaborado en este trato, ahora contamos con la sabia ayuda de nuestro amigo Doug, creo que la cuenta de golosinas está ya en lo mas alto.

Life of Benji

WOOFFF, I’m happy to report that THE DEAL worked out well for us and the shelter that Ms. Zulu and I came from.  Thanks to you and Belén Soto and Doug* who reblogged the deal to support my efforts, we can deliver > $100 each to our shelter AND we received > 10 big treats in our treat account, see photo below. Both Ms. Zulu and I took a shower for the occasion; I’m already dry, but Ms. Zulu’s long hair takes forever to dry. We were both very good; we never touched the treats (even though technically speaking they were are already ours) until we got the okay sign. 

Belén also pointed out that we reached another magic number, which is 60:6. Meaning, I started my blog six weeks ago and have already more than 60 followers! We have backdated the posts prior to October 6 (that’s…

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