Pato de cerámica
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Damas de honor

Preparativos de boda – Wedding preparations

Las damas de honor – Bridesmaids

Pato de cerámica


Pato de cerámica


Lúa y Mar

Las chicas también  han optado por el color rojo,  creo que va a ser el color predominante en la boda, siguiendo las indicaciones de Mar, ambas han realizado sus primeras compras …

Los preparativos de una boda son una enorme tarea, quiero agradecer a Anarette y a Resa sus sabios consejos y su apreciada colaboración.

Belén Soto


  1. The bridesmaids are looking adorable; red is certainly the color of love! We are looking forward to the wedding! Ms. Zulu and Benji.

    • Lúa wanted to go shopping for the rebates, but Mar says styling is very important and Ms Zulu has raised the level a lot …
      The girls are putting all their efforts in the preparations, even so, I do not rule out last minute changes.
      Hugs !!!

      • Ms. Zulu agrees that styling is very important. Last minute changes are not an exception mom says. We are still dealing with the light condition issues… I honestly don’t see the problem, but don’t mind more treats either! Benji.

      • The light may not be the best, but the model is exceptional … thanks Benji
        You’re very lucky with Mom, she’s great !!

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  3. Awww ! The bridesmaids the really lovely with their red ribbons. How exciting as the months are getting closer to the big wedding 🙂 ❤

    • Muchas gracias!!
      Creo que el rojo es una buena elección, hace resaltar sus plumas blancas y combina con sus picos… perfecto para una boda 🙂

    • As always, the bride and groom will be the most elegant, but my bridesmaids are not going to make it easy … they threaten to go shopping again 🙂
      I hope they do not go to the shoe store …
      Thank you so much Robin !!

    • Drake necesita encontrar un buen trabajo en Toronto, la boda y la familia son un montón de gastos…
      At the moment there is an egg on the way … but I think ducks like big families 🙂 Thank you very much!!

  4. Belén, me encantan tus trabajos. ¿Dónde está tu taller en Vigo? Lo digo por si paso por la ciudad. Iría a hacerte una visita, que ya toca 🙂
    Me encantaría aprender alfarería. Me parece una delicia.

    • Me encantaría que pudieses venir a visitarme, como te había dicho, no te dejaría marchar sin asistir a tu primera clase de torno.
      Mi taller se encuentra en Coutada Nova nº5 y el estudio en Avda. Ramón Nieto nº 23, es mas fácil encontrarme en el estudio.
      En la página puedes encontrar la dirección completa y los teléfonos de contacto, si haces clik en las fotos enlazas a un Google Maps que puede servir de ayuda para situarte.
      Muchas gracias, besos!!

  5. WOW!!! Sol is thrilled beyond belief! She is very touched with how beautiful Mar and Lúa are in their beautiful ribbons!
    About shoes….. Sol says to Lúa and Mar…. «it is difficult to find shoes, but if mom Belén let’s you go shopping try the Miu Miu boutique in Madrid».
    So, everyone will look amazing in red. It is perfect for the black and white she and Drake will be wearing.
    Sol says she wants red roses and baby’s breath in her bridal bouquet. I agree with this!
    Sol says she would like to have a Red Velvet wedding cake. Hmm… I am not sure about this?
    As we all know, Red Velvet cake is not red. It is a very rich chocolate cake, with a very smooth and rich cream cheese icing.
    Belén, what do you think about the Red Velvet cake?

    • The girls want to be as stylish as Benji, Drake has made a good decision with his best man, they are still looking in the boutiques … there may still be some last minute change.
      If you need photos they are always willing to pose !!
      Mar is delighted with your advice to buy shoes, says that you are a very smart girl … we have seen Miu Miu’s website and she likes them all.
      Lúa says that everything is very expensive and that she is going to carry her sneakers in the bag, just in case.
      Totally agree with the red roses, they are also my favorite and I like the idea of the Red Velvet cake, it sounds really delicious … well, in this subject Drake should give his approval 🙂
      I think I have a third bridemaid, among the boys it is more difficult … there are so many candidates.

    • Muchísimas gracias por regresar a buscarlo, eres un cielo!!
      This wedding is full of glamor, the girls are still looking for ribbons and dresses … the shoes are very expensive, they have a big size 🙂

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