Esmaltando duende de cerámica
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Familia de duendes, esmaltando

Esmaltando duende de cerámica

Esmaltado a mano

Esmaltando duende de cerámica

Esmaltado a mano

Esmaltando duende de cerámica

Esmaltado a mano

Duendes de cerámica esmaltados

Duendes esmaltados


Cuando la pieza con la que trabajamos es muy pequeña o requiere de cierta precisión a la hora de aplicar el esmalte toda la maquinaria del taller pierde su eficacia, cabinas de esmaltado, compresores y pistolas dejan de tener sentido, es un buen momento para recurrir a las técnicas tradicionales y confiar en que el pulso no tiemble …

Belén Soto


  1. Oh, these are so very cute! Reminds me of the elves in my neck of the woods… they are using Jasmine flowers for hats and have spider web trampoline…

    • The elves of the forest are good guys, kind and timid beings … maybe a little mischievous.
      They use your neck as a type of fast transport … you’re like a high speed train, the distances are always a problem for a little elf legs.
      Thank you very much!!

      • Yes they are a little mischievous at times but I believe that’s what makes them so cute…I didn’t know about the neck transport, have to remember that. Here I have seen spiders boats too that they use… 🙂

      • Spiders are good allies, their spider webs are very useful !!
        Dogs with their noses stuck to the ground find many elves in the forest, ask Benji, it is more difficult for us, intuition and patience is necessary 🙂

      • I know! I wrote about sniffing out elves several years ago when Sashia my husky-x was still with us. I have been meaning to post the story on Benji’s blog. One of these days… it may happen… 🙂

      • Sashia is a lovely name, I like it !!
        I love reading this story, elves and dogs are a good combination.
        (I’m sorry for the delay in reply … dinner time in Spain :))

    • Thanks Karen, I’m glad you like my little elves !!
      There is one more member of the family, three naughty and funny inhabitants of the forest … now the fire has to do its work.

    • Muchas gracias Remigio, muy amable!!
      Le tengo mucho aprecio a ese anillo, ha logrado salir airoso de un montón de vicisitudes, alabo tu buen gusto.

  2. You are very clever Belén. I notice that you are concentrating on a certain portion of his anatomy. Maybe it has something to do with Valentines Day. haha. 😳 ❤

  3. They are very adorable! I just love your art! Much love to you! xoxoxoxo
    PS. Could you email me the pictures of Lua & Mar in their wedding ribbons, please?
    If you send full size files in the download, I will have a sharper image than the one I drag from your blog. xoxoxoxo

    • Thank you so much !!
      The little elves of the forest visit me, the workshop is full of joy, everything seems more fun when they are here.
      Speaking of photos … I love your new image in Gravatar.
      Much Love !! xoxoxo

      • TY!! The picture was quite dark, at first. Then Aquileana saw it and made it lighter.
        I think my forehead looks big. LOL! xoxo

    • Muchas gracias, mi imaginación es poderosa, y realmente disfruto modelando sobre la arcilla los simpáticos personaje que acuden a ella, creo que las muchas horas de lectura tienen mucho que ver en esto …

    • Muchas gracias Belu, eres un cielo!!
      … ya ves, una simpática familia de duendes se ha instalado en mi taller, creo que su intención es quedarse un tiempo, supongo que tendré que acostumbrarme a sus pequeñas travesuras 🙂

  4. How is it I missed so many posts? I check all of the time.
    My apologies, as I always love your work and wish to support ypur endeavors.
    Mucho amo,

    • Please, you should not apologize, think that within a week we will be family 🙂 🙂 our guys are get married !!
      I know that you are always there, far, but very close.
      Much love dear friend!!

    • Thank you very much Francina, you are very kind.
      I work a lot with looks and expressions, I think that a sweet face captures the attention (the smile) of the public.
      Enjoy a great week !!

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