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Here Comes the Bride

Me gustaría compartir con vosotros el precioso reportaje fotografico realizado durante la boda de Sol y Drake en Toronto, especial atención al vestido de novia, creacion de una maravillosa diseñadora Canadiense, gracias Resa!!
I would like to share with you the beautiful photographic report made during the wedding of Sol and Drake in Toronto, special attention to the wedding dress, creation of a wonderful Canadian designer, thanks Resa !!

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Dear Belén, I’m so happy you flew with Lúa and Mar to the wedding!

As promised, here are the wedding photos. Sol’s wedding dress is very beautiful!

She can’t stop showing it off!

Didn’t you just love the look on Drake’s face when he saw Sol in the gown for the first time?

It was a beautiful ceremony.

Sol’s egg was a beautiful Flower Girl, even though it is not hatched, yet.

I thought Penelopoe The Witch did a lovely job presiding over the ceremony. I had no idea that Duck Weddings were so unique.

I loved the way Penelope led all of the Ducks in a quack-off as they circled over Drake and Sol, while they made their pledges to each other.

Of course, in duck weddings, the bride kisses the groom, and it was a beauty of a kiss.

Here’s the photo from prior to the ceremony, when the…

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  1. Your ducks look really wonderful at their wedding, don’t they Belén ? Resa did a fantastic job, didn’t she ? Well done to both of you.
    Hugs. Ralph xox 💕💕⭐⭐

    • Resa is a wonderful woman and a great friend, all the success of this wedding we owe her … a beautiful work of design and setting.
      The face of the groom when he saw the dress says it all, the bride left us all amazed 😉
      The incident of the disappeared cake went unnoticed between so much happiness …

    • The wedding was fabulous, the elegant guests enjoyed the ceremony … and the party, which lasted until late at night, will be remembered for a long time (in the world of ducks)
      Now the happy couple is already flying to their honeymoon !!
      Thanks Stacey.

  2. Dear Belén,
    The happy couple (with the egg) has now flown to Niagra Falls for the honeymoon.
    They will spend very happy days at «the falls» fr 2 weeks.
    When they return to Toronto, they will be very focused on the hatching of the egg!
    We are all very excited to see if it will be a boy or girl!
    Much love,

    • What a romantic honeymoon, Niagara Falls, I feel very envious.
      Sol is going to enjoy a lot these days of relaxation, a wedding like this is exhausting for the bride … and Drake can practice water sports and visit the dessert cart.
      Both of them expect a hard job when they return, the duck babies are very noisy … sometimes in an egg come two chicks 🙂
      All your efforts are being rewarded, the comments on the wedding are very good, congratulations !!
      Much love.

      • I hope they remembered to take the camera!
        Dessert cart… oh dear!
        I think when the egg is hatched, Drake should not be allowed to feed chocolate to the duckling(s).
        They can decide on their own when they grow up!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! Ms. Zulu and Benji were so honored that they were invited. Benji as the best man, his first and Ms. Zulu catching the flowers. What a day, a day to be remembered forever. Congrats and best wishes to Drake and Sol!

    • A wedding to remember, Benji was the soul of the party, his adventures as agent 0011 impressed all the guests.
      Ms Zulu surprised everyone with her jump to the bouquet … also practice agility?
      Thank you very much for your collaboration, for Drake to have Benji by his side while explaining the incident of the cake, it was a blessing …
      A big hug!!

      • Benji loves to talk about his adventures so I’m sure everyone is now up-to-date. You are so right. While Benji is doing his agility runs at headquarters, Ms. Zulu observes. And when no one watches she practices every single new move. Big hugs and high tens from all of us too!

    • The ceremony was beautiful, the bride’s dress is wonderful, Resa is a great designer besides a good friend.
      Newlyweds now fly to their honeymoon, I hope with good winds.
      Thank you Christy !!

      • Hahaha! The honeymoon sounds amazing 🙂 May they enjoy a time of romance and happiness. Hugs for you, Belen!

      • For today, they have sauna and manicure in the morning … and diving in the lake
        In the evening romantic dinner overlooking the falls 😉
        Another big hug for you !!

  4. Tu eres tan creativa y original con asuntos que son viejos y trajinados, pero los sacudes, los despiertas, nos asombras con colores y escenarios. Por eso soy tu eterno seguidor. Buen tiempo y buena mar.

    • Hello francina, thank you very much !!
      With the collaboration of Resa, we have made this wedding a great event, she has used her scissors and her magic to fill everything with beauty.
      Happy Sunday.

  5. Every time I see the pics of Sol in her wedding dress, I am very, very happy. She is for sure the most beautiful bride. Thank you, Belén, for creating such a beautiful girl! xoxoxo

    • Thank you, thank you very much dear friend!!!
      You have managed to elevate my mood, today I did not have a good day (since I woke up in the morning the day does not want to smile) now when reading this beautiful comment, the smile has returned to my face and everything seems to work again.
      Of course, Sol will always be the most beautiful bride … it will be many years before Luvia has her first boyfriend … she will also be a beauty 😉

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