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Twelve and more!

Benji y Ms. Zulu han compartido las fotos de sus primeros bocetos, creo que ellos están contentos con los resultados …
Muchas gracias A.
Benji and Ms. Zulu have shared photos of their first sketches, I think they are happy with the results …
Thank you very much A.

Life of Benji

Lots has happened these past few weeks, so it’s time for an update. Our CCI visitor is gone with the wind again, more on that subject later. We also celebrated Ms. Zulu’s 12th birthday. That’s a lot of years! We don’t know her exact birthday as she, just like me, was adopted from the shelter but we celebrate it around the middle of August. And guess what we found in our mailbox yesterday: an email from Belén Soto with a photo of the clay figurines of Ms. Zulu and me that she is working on.


Photo credits: © Belén Soto 2017

Benji1.jpgThe first draft

This is based on the modeling work Ms. Zulu and I did last year. Belén said that she will show more photos on her website Arcilla Fuego soon. We are really excited about it and just couldn’t wait any longer to show you so we asked Belén for permission. Aren’t the…

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  1. This is a wonderful work coming into life! I am so excited to see the final product! A.must be very thrilled.I know I am. Es mi gusto mucho. Besos xxx Espero que mi Espanol es bueno bastante!

    • I think Benji’s coat is going to be complicated, but such adorable dogs make the task more fun 🙂
      Now is the time of fire… I hope everything goes well.
      Tu español es muy bueno, muchas gracias Resa, besos !!

      • Drake and Sol have spoken about laying another egg, as soon as this one hatches! HUGS! There may be a small crack showing near the bottom of the egg. They are guarding the egg very carefully. Even I am not allowed near. ❤

      • I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl! They won’t let me near the egg! How does one tell a baby boy duck from a baby girl duck?

    • Hello Anarette … and team, this week you will have news, the first fire has been a success, in the second fire (ceramic glazes) I’m finding some problem where I did not expect it, I imagined difficulties in Benji’s coat and have appeared in the black blanket carrying Ms Zulu … 😉
      Tomorrow shipping process photos, ceramic glazes always come with surprises.

      • WOOOFFF, we are so looking forward to it. Can imagine the difficulties, so many colors in one coat. We could not do it for sure. We are sure you will succeed. Hugs and wagging tails, Benji and team.

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