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Dancing with Lua

Lúa y yo somos dos chicas muy afortunadas, ambas tenemos un buen amigo, el está lejos … pero cerca, y sabe como llenar con sonrisas y alegría nuestras vidas cuando mas lo necesitamos. Gracias Brad, muchas gracias!!
Lúa and I are two very lucky girls, both have a good friend, he is far … but close, and knows how to fill our lives with smiles and joy when we need them most. Thank you Brad, thank you very much !!

writing to freedom

Dancing with Lua


I met a girl named LuaLua, ceramics, poetry

she filled me with Kahlúa

then began to dance

I fell into a trance

this girl had super fine moves

with some serious grooves

she was the life of the party

a girl so gay and arty

Lua is the girl for me

I’m happy to be with thee


Sometimes a guy or girl just wants to have fun.  🙂 Thanks to Belén Soto for sharing another of her wonderful ceramic characters. This one is called Lua; Maid of Honor at the wedding of Sol and Drake.

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    • Gracias a ti por invitarnos a este baile!!
      Lúa and I dance with a big smile, she loves being the protagonist of your fun poems.
      Happiness returns to our workshop 😉
      Both sent a very big hug.

    • Lua is one of my favorites, I love her face, I think it’s really fun.
      Now she has found a new mom … I think she deserved it and will be very happy in her new life, but like all the works that I sell … I will miss her, are many and fun adventures 🙂
      Thank you so much!!

    • Thanks Anarette, Lúa is really endearing, she has lived wonderful and fun adventures with me, now she starts a new life and is very happy with her new mom.
      Sometimes my works seem to have a life of their own, even after selling them, they continue to interact with their creator … she deserved a spectacular farewell party ,like the stars, and Brad, unknowingly, has collaborated with one of her poems 🙂

  1. Me uno a una ronda con Lua y Belén Soto, y ese racimo de saludos, le pongo al bailado una flor de girasol que aún brilla en despedidas al otoño y saludo a primavera según cada hemisferio, coloquémonos en el hemisferio del corazón, que no se hacia donde quede, que nos lo señale el pico de Lua en el baile.

    • Me encanta que te unas a esta ronda con nosotras, celebremos el equinoccio bailando, que no hay mejor manera de dar rienda suelta a nuestras alegrías que a través de la risa y el baile.
      Gracias Guillermo, ten una buena semana!!

    • That’s right, she’s another lucky girl !!
      Lúa is enjoying the last days of sunshine on the beach and her new mom has started attending my pottery classes, sometimes I can talk to her and learn about her new adventures 🙂
      Thanks Resa, kisses !!

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