Perro de cerámica esmaltado
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Ms. Zulu, segundo fuego

Perro de cerámica esmaltado

Ms. Zulu

Perro de cerámica esmaltado

Ms. Zulu

Perro de cerámica esmaltado

Ms. Zulu

Perro de cerámica esmaltado

Ms. Zulu

Perro de cerámica esmaltado

Ms. Zulu

Ms. Zulu

Los esmaltes nos permiten experimentar con colores y texturas, cambiando ligeramente la proporción de los componentes (óxidos, minerales …) pero también variando la temperatura o las condiciones de la cocción.

Ms. Zulu  posa con su amplio y calentito abrigo negro, discreción y elegancia unidos, combinado con unos calcetines blancos y una rosa amarilla sobre su blusa blanca.

Nuestro agradecimiento al equipo Z.A.B.  por permitirnos trabajar con sus peludos y encantadores modelos.

Belén Soto


    • Ms Zulu is the best of my models, black coat and white socks, she can not be more elegant 🙂
      Thank you very much Stacey, I’m glad you like them !!

    • Muchas gracias, me encantan los perros con mucho pelo, transmiten una sensación de calidez … perfecta para estos días de otoño.
      Ms. Zulu es una modelo sensacional.
      Disfruta de una gran semana!!

    • Ms, Zulu had some problems with her black coat, she is a lady with a lot of hair, but finally I have resolved it by increasing the amount of black glaze.
      Thank you very much!!!

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  2. Ms. Zulu looks fabulous!!! I love when she wears a flower. It makes her very special, and she is!!
    You are special, too, dear Belén. You have magic hands! Besos y ambrazos!

    • A small yellow flower to create a contrast with a wonderful black and white flower 🙂
      Ms. Zulu is a professional model, her eyes never stray from the lens of the camera.
      Thank you very much and happy Halloween night dear Resa.

      • Oh, so that is why Ms. Zulu always looks so perfect in photos! Sol would like to be a model, as her exceptional beauty warrants. However, now motherhood is more appealing to her! xoxoxoxoxo

      • Sol is going to be a model … a model of a mother, and Drake must always be close to her, when Lluvia starts her first flights, Sol can enjoy the fashion world again, I think both will be wonderful parents.
        I think they will need some small blanket for their nest, here the cold starts to arrive.
        Trick or treat 🙂 … Is that’s the expression??

      • Yes, it is Trick or Treat.
        Drake and Sol are out tonight, Trick and Treating.
        Drake makes funny noises at the tricks, but he quacks very happy at the chocolate treats. I will allow them many chocolates on this special night. Tomorrow it will be back to a healthy diet!!!

    • Magic hands indeed! Ms. Zulu asked me when she can wear her flower again. I’m not sure that we still have it so we may need to go shopping again. Hope Drake and Sol had a wonderful Halloween night. It must be their first night alone since Lluvia arrived, that’s special.


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