Brazo de cerámica
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Las creaciones de mis alumnos

Selección de piezas realizadas por los alumnos de cerámica creativa y alfarería durante los cursos.

Brazo de cerámica


Brazo de cerámica


Diseño y creación de  Andrea

Brazo de cerámica


Jugando con arcilla  … modelando ideas

Iniciándose en el apasionante mundo de la cerámica.

Belén Soto



  1. Felicitaciones a Andrea! Esta es una pieza fabulosa.
    The student is very talented! Her ability has come to reality. This is because the teacher has done well with the student.
    Chapeau to both of you! xoxo

    • My students love your wonderful comments … and I am very proud to have such a lovely friend.
      I try that they enjoy and at the same time learn to develop all their talent, I would be happy if they could feel the passion that I feel for this art …
      Thank you very much for your support, for them it is a great encouragement and for me … for me it is the best reward for my work.
      Kisses and hugs dear Resa !!

    • Andrea, her proud teacher and all her students say thank you and send you a big hug !!!
      Thank you for sharing this beautiful work with your followers, for me it is important to feel that I am doing my job well and for Andrea it is a great encouragement to keep improving, she has a lot of talent.

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