Escultura cerámica
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Las creaciones de mis alumnos

Selección de piezas realizadas por los alumnos de cerámica creativa y alfarería durante los cursos.

Escultura cerámica

Sueños de piedra

Escultura cerámica

Sueños de piedra

Sueños de piedra, escultura.  Diseño y creación de  Iris Darriba

Escultura cerámica

Sueños de piedra

Jugando con arcilla  … modelando ideas

Iniciándose en el apasionante mundo de la cerámica.

Belén Soto



    • I’m glad to know that you liked it, I also think it’s a different piece, with a message inside … more sculptural.
      Thank you very much Eddie, really, I appreciate your comment very much!!

    • Thank you very much Inese, Iris is a very talented girl, she is now working as an actress, but I wish she would not abandon the ceramic sculpture, I think would be an extraordinary artist.

    • This season I think a lot about this, when I was younger I created very interesting works, at least I think they were very artistic … but over time, my economic dependence took me to other more commercial ways, now my situation allows me some times experience again with clay and its natural forms.
      Thank you very much for your kind comment Sheldon.
      Sending a hug!!

      • It doesn’t matter how you came…it only matters that you have arrived..its all about the journey
        You stay strong
        Cause I can sense
        Your Strenght
        Big Hugs &
        Much 💘

      • We are only here for a short while we all could do much more if we say a kind word to one another..the only reason I write and do my art is because every day I practice

      • That’s the best attitude, I’ve always thought that a smile and a kind word is the right way … it makes everything easier.
        Much love!!

  1. WOW! This is fabulous! I will reblog this one on my GLaM blog in a few days. I just made a new post, so will wait a bit.
    Congratulations to Iris. Her style is classic! ❦❦❦

    • Thank you very much, Resa, I think it’s a very interesting work, I have to admit that Iris is one of my favorites … she is a girl with a lot and varied talent, now she has left my classes to start her career as an actress in theater and tv with quite success but I know that she will return to ceramics at some point, she already misses it 🙂
      Hugs and kisses!!

    • ¿Quién vigila nuestros sueños? … es una idea que me atrae, incluso de nuestras peores pesadillas logramos escapar, creo que algo o alguien nos ayuda a no desesperar, cuida de nuestro sueño.
      Esta es una obra que me parece muy interesante, me alegro que te guste.
      Buen fin de semana querido amigo.

    • Hello Michael, many, many thanks for this kind comment, you can not imagine the encouragement that gives me, it makes me think I’m doing things right.
      I am glad to know that you liked it, it is a work that has always seemed interesting to me, it is titled «Dreams of stone» and it tells us about … who watches over our dream? 🙂
      Thanks again and a hug from Spain!!

    • Hi Mo, I am very grateful for your kind comment, this is one of my favorites, it is a very interesting work.
      Take care of yourself, I send you a big hug !!!

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