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The Bear Essentials

A wonderful surprise!! present from my good friend Brad Volz
Thank you very much.

writing to freedom

The Bear Essentialsbear family, poetry

there is a family of simple bears

who live in a humble forest lair

they are a lively and happy lot

with elegant manners taught


flowers, ties and grace at every meal

is the family dining deal

fetch yourself some tasty grog

and have a seat on the family log


oodles of berries and honey

more bountiful than funny money

so yummy it makes your tummy tingle

transforming food into comic jingles


come join our family fray

with laughter and lively play

no worries for this crew

we live each day brand new


Here’s a shout out to kids, bears, fun and the simple joys of life. Once again the playful ceramics of Belén Soto inspired me to have fun with my poetry. I hope you enjoy her delightful bears and other creative creatures on her website

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    • Thank you, I love this game :)) you’re very kind to give my creatures the opportunity to travel and see other lands and people …
      Filling up of happiness my blog with your wonderful poems !!
      Someday we have to try to play in reverse … you write a lovely poem and I would create a figure inspired by your words …
      Best wishes to you and yours

      • 🙂 I love the game and your idea Belén. 🙂 I’m glad you have fun too. I will consider creating a poem.

        Or maybe you can find one of my existing poems. Pick a poem that speaks to you and then make a figure or piece of art. Your turn! 🙂


      • I will investigate in category «Poetry» to your blog, and I’ll tell you what is my choice …
        Difficult task 🙂
        But I am excited about the project!

    • Claudine, grazie mille per le vostre visite e il vostro sostegno, sei un tesoro 🙂
      Migliori auguri a queste belle giornate estive
      Un altro grande abbraccio.

    • Dziękuję bardzo Marysia, to przyjemność wrócić z wakacji i ponownie znaleźć jej przyjaciół.
      Cieszę się, że Twoja wizyta
      Przepraszamy za tłumaczenie złym 🙂
      Wielki uścisk, przyjaciela.

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