Cactus, ganchillo y cerámica
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Cactus a cuatro manos

                                                          Con Abuela Rita
Cactus, ganchillo y cerámica

Cactus a cuatro manos

Cactus, ganchillo y cerámica

Cactus – Foto: Lucy Blanco

Cactus, ganchillo y cerámica

Cactus – Foto: Lucy Blanco

Cactus, ganchillo y cerámica

Cactus – Foto: Lucy Blanco

Macetas para «cactus»

Colaborando con el taller de mi querida amiga  Abuela Rita  en la búsqueda de un recipiente que realce el porte de sus cactus de ganchillo, otra de las sorprendentes creaciones de esta extraordinaria artesana del textil.

Macetas de arcilla roja realizadas en el torno, horneadas a 1000ºc.

     Belén Soto



    • Always nice without the need for water it, but no sprouts …
      Thank you very much Tina, I’m glad you like it, you’re a lovely friend.
      Feliz fin de semana!!

      • Belen,

        Is that crocheting? I learned it when I was a child but let it slip from my mind but I recently am taking interest it in again. You are so creative!

      • True, it is crochet … but in this case I cheat, I have a great friend and collaborator who dominates this work, she is a great artist with the needles.
        I always think that these tasks require a great deal of patience …
        A big hug !!!

      • Dear Belén,

        Crafting is alway collaborative; therefore, it cannot be «cheating». I say, its just smart to use the resources available to you. You have to have the vision to bring the pieces together. Big hugs back at you my dear! Keep up the wonderful work as it always is sure to bring a smile. Even on my worst days, I smile when I see your work! Many blessings upon you!


      • Thank you dear friend, you are a wonderful person.
        I would think that sometimes I can bring a smile to my readers.
        Your kind words are a great reward for my work.

      • Muchas gracias Meredith!!!
        I appreciate your visit and makes me happy that you like my work, is the best reward.
        Have a good and productive week.

      • ~meredith

        🙂 Hi Belene. Sorry for my Spanish-ignorant touch pad. So good to have your note! :).

        I have had fun catching up on you posts. Your work delights me… so fun! Meredith

      • My little clay creatures are happy to bring a little smile to their cherished and friendly visitor 🙂
        Thank you for supporting Meredith, you’re great!

  1. Ileana

    (✿◠‿◠)..Sa ai o seara plina de tandrete si iubire
    …sa poti simti frumusetea vietii, cu toata fiinta– Have an evening full of tenderness and love
    … you can feel the beauty of life, the whole being…♡◕ ‿ ◕♡

  2. They are very special, Belén! Who knows, your friend will be also able to make the inflorescences of these beautiful plants. I love the cactus, but my cats have an adversarial relationship with them… so it remained only «Fridolina» which is 150 cm high… too high to play with! Have a lovely sunday :-)c

    • We are currently studying the question of flowering … and the thorns 🙂
      Sorry about your cactus, but if your cats do not like, there is nothing to do … are very consistent when making a decision.
      It makes me happy to know that you like this project, thank you very much Claudine.
      A big hug!!

  3. Querida Belén:
    Muchísimas gracias por tus palabras. Mi alter ego, LA ABUELA RITA, se siente muy motivada con el trabajo conjunto. Mis cactus de visten de gala gracias a tus cerámicas como base y ha sido tal la inspiración que producen que han dado lugar al nacimiento de nuevas formas,.
    Nunca hago los cactus con flor y, por primera vez, gracias a la caricia de tu cerámica, mis cactus has empezado su floración.
    Me encantaría crear contigo todo un invarnadero!!

    • Sabes que nos sentimos muy honrados con tu visita, tus cactus llenan de color mi blog y generan bellos comentarios.
      Me encantaría continuar con esta grata colaboración, me gustan los resultados y disfruto con tu capacidad de crear…no hay límites para tus agujas 🙂
      Bicos querida amiga!!

    • Requires little maintenance, no water, no fertilizer … and is friendly with cats, they can play without fear of injury 🙂
      Thanks Doug, good start to the week.

    • Thank you very much, this is a very fun project and really encourages me to know that you like.
      The idea is to keep creating different types of cactus 🙂

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