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Off to the Theater in Paths of Color

Mostrando el maravilloso arte de Marina Kanavaki, … y «una bonita creación de Cerámica Belén Soto»
Gracias querida Resa!!
Showing the wonderful art of Marina Kanavaki … and «a nice creation of Ceramica Belén Soto»
Thank you dear Resa !!

Graffiti Lux Art & More

Marina Kanavaki’s Paths of Color [turquoise, blue & green] is on leggings!

POC #1 Photo © Norman Orenstein

I bought my pair from her Society6 Shop They are perfect to wear to the theater to see the last act of A Frank Angle‘s production of «Dance: The Musical»

POC #6 Photo © Norman Orenstein

What to wear them with was the question? Above, I tried Marina’s art leggings with a tank & silk shirt tied up at my midriff. Below, I tried them with a tank, lace bolero & belt on my hips.

POC #8

Cute, but not dressy enough for the theater.

POC #2 Photo © Norman Orenstein

Paired with a jacket I designed & made worked perfect. I accessorized with turquoise & green. Note the Leaf Pin that Belén Soto‘s creation Drake Noir brought as a gift for me from Spain.

POC #3 Photo © Norman Orenstein

I feel like an Art Goddess! I’m dressed in…

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    • What luck to meet her in person, Marina is a great artist and a wonderful person, I’m a fan of her watercolors !!
      We share the art and love and respect for animals, I think the three are one species to preserve 🙂
      Hugs and good evening Claudine.

      • Ohh yes, Belén dear, they are…
        y yo estoy segura de que sí nos podemos apoyar, de alguna manera vamos cambiar las cosas malas de este mundo! Cariño por tì :-)c

      • A menudo pienso que no necesitamos ser muchas, necesitamos ser escuchadas…
        Cada día confío mas en el poder que tenemos cada una de nosotras, como ciudadanas consumidoras, para cambiar lo que no nos gusta.
        Un abrazo muy grande!!

  1. This is an honor to be reblogged on this gorgeous site!
    Belén, I am enjoying wearing the beautiful leaf pin that Drake brought me as a gift. I am so happy that you talked him out of bringing me chocolate cake!
    Much love and hugs to you! xoxo
    PS (What did you buy from Marina’s S6 shop! I am excited to know!)

    • Thanks to you dear Resa, everyone wanted to know the owner of our lucky duck.
      Here we agree that your set is sensational, Marina’s leggings are beautiful and your jacket is great !!! …I love!!
      Drake does not understand a lot of girls, when he chooses gifts always thinks of himself 🙂 … and chocolate fascinates him.
      (a beautiful watercolor, an art print with a long history …)

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    • Ohhh !!! Thank you so much!!
      It is an honor to find my name among the pages of your blog, I feel great here in your house, thanks again for making me a place 🙂
      Very kind Marina, hugs.

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