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Lingering with Lua

Lua … and Drake have inspired a playful poem to our friend Brad
This is a great honor for the ceramist … and a wonderful party for our little ducks
Thanks Brad!!!

writing to freedom

Lingering with Lua

~Lua, ceramics, poetry, play

lingering in his gaze

filled with curiosity

sweet and innocent


her beauty shines forth

to bedazzle and beguile

playful dreams begin


ceramics, Drake Drake admires his hopeful mate

lua, mate for Drake Lua is ready to test the waters!

Lua and Drake are two of Belén Soto’s latest ceramic characters that have inspired my imagination. You can see the rest of her fanciful art at Cerámica Belén Soto.

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    • I try to find a smile in the audience, sometimes I succeed, and it’s a nice reward, the best …
      My little creatures always look directly to the public, seeking their approval ❤
      Thanks Robin, you're very kind with me … and my works!!

  1. OMG! Drake’s hopeful girlfriends are becoming famous! This poem is very, very sweet! It seems our Drake gets a lot of attention!

    • Drake is a very popular duck (the girls know) and they begin to enjoy, this is her rise to fame 😉
      Our duck continues to live great adventures …
      Kisses dear Resa.

    • My ducks are so happy, this is his moment of glory 🙂
      I’m lucky to have such creative friends … Brad, Resa … and you!!
      Thank you very much, enjoy a beautiful Sunday.

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