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Mystic Lake

Nuestra querida amiga Resa ha diseñado un maravilloso vestido inspirado en las aves (cisnes, palomas … y patos), el resultado «Mystic Lake» es espectacular, y está dedicado a esta feliz y orgullosa ceramista.
Dear Resa, you have a magical hands, thank you … thank you very much.

Art Gowns

Did you ever design an Art Gown for the birds, in particular Ducks, Swans & Pigeons?


Probably not, but if so, then you might know Ceramic Artist Belén Soto from Arcilla y Fuego.  Mystic Lake is dedicated to her.


You see, I bought an adorable Black Drake from Belén . As he is lonely & looking for a wife, Belén & I started a Marriage Agency for Ducks. I’m hoping we will expand to Swans & Pigeons in the near future.


Already Belén has designed 2 beautiful candidates, Lúa and Mar. Soon a wedding gown will be needed. I am hoping the duck bride to be & all future swan & pigeon brides will love this gown.


Depending on the natural light, Mystic Lake magically changes from grey to blue. The best blue tones were captured at daybreak on a sunny day. Grey was exposed best on sunny…

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    • Definitely, Canada is a land of very talented women, excellent artists 😉
      Resa is also a wonderful person, always so generous with her friends.
      Thanks Christy, another hug for you!!

  1. I couldn’t agree more, my dear Belén, magical hands indeed – as do you! With every Art Gown, Resa outdoes herself! 🙂 xxxxx Hugs to both! 🙂
    ps Black Drake has a hard job! 😉

    • When she drives the scissors, magic extends over fabrics and everything finds its place …
      Months of work to find the perfect combination. she’s a wonderful artist … and the best of friends 🙂
      Thank you Marina, many hugs for you!!
      Drake is thinking about the possibility of three weddings … Resa should talk seriously with him 🙂

    • Our friend Resa has been very generous with me, I do not know if I deserve it … there is much time of work and much art invested in this wonderful gown, it is one of the best surprises of the year, a beautiful gift.
      Thank you very much Robin, my wishes for a happy holidays !!

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