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Seasons Greetings – 2016

Tras unos dias off-line provocados por una avería técnica me encuentro con esta maravillosa noticia, suenan campanas de boda en Toronto.
Nuestros patos aventureros anuncian su compromiso, la boda será en Junio, quiero llamar vuestra atención sobre el espectacular anillo de compromiso que muestra Sol, creo que Drake ha desplegado todos sus encantos … y sus ahorros.
After a few days off-line caused by a technical breakdown I find this wonderful news, ring wedding bells in Toronto.
Our adventurous ducks announce their engagement, the wedding will be in June, I want to draw your attention to the spectacular engagement ring that shows my lucky Sol, I think Drake has displayed all his charms … and his savings.

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♫♫ Happy ♬ Holidays ♪♪ to you! ♫♫


♭♫ From Drake and Sol,  ♬ and their egg, too! ♫


♬ ♬ Happy Holidays, to you! ♬ ♬

⭐ ⭐ ⭐


⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Belén Soto and Resa are happy to announce the upcoming wedding of Black Drake and Sol.


Using the beautiful Art Calendar by Marina Kanavaki, the pair has decided on a June wedding.


Sol shows off her gorgeous engagement ring.

Pics taken by Resa – December, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Visit Belén’s Tienda to shop for unique ceramics!


The happy couple share a tender moment.


Click on Marina’s Art Calendar to buy one at MagCloud.


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    • Muchas gracias Maitre Renard, esta boda promete ser todo un acontecimiento.
      Por fin consigo casar a una de mis chicas, y con gran éxito … la Agencia Matrimonial se apunta un nuevo logro 🙂
      Merci beaucoup et bonne nuit!!

    • This year ends with nice news for me, our ducks start a new life together in Canada, this wedding is going to be a great event !!
      Many thanks Caren, I also wish you a Great 2017, full of happiness … and creativity.

      • Thank you so much Belén 🙂 I hope we all continue to enjoy the great gift of creativity in 2017 I really look forward to your new creations too in the coming year!

      • Thank you dear Caren, you are very kind.
        I send my best wishes for this new year, for a 2017 full of joy, peace and creativity!!

      • My very Best and Dearest Wishes to you too!! Good Health, Much Happiness and Brilliant Successes in the New Year to YOU and Yours xx

  1. Do not worry Belén, Drake has saved a few Euros for his bow tie, and several boxes of chocolates.
    He asks everyone to bring chocolates for wedding gifts.
    Sol would prefer a lovely cradle for the egg. It should hatch soon after the wedding!!
    I will make the wedding dress.
    I am very excited for the wedding!
    Drake & Sol send you much love!

    • If you think about it, Drake and Sol have already chosen a wedding colors, black for him (a tuxedo I think is the most appropriate) and white for the bride (it is the most traditional, no?).
      They were destined to meet … and you have made it much easier, I look forward to seeing that beautiful dress, do not let Drake spy while designing, he knows hundreds of tricks …

  2. Dear Belén,
    I am sure the wedding will be the Blogosphere extravaganza event of 2017!
    There will be surprise Blogger guests.
    Drake, Sol & I have been searching for the perfect place for the wedding.
    At this point we all like the shore of Lake Ontario.
    However, Sol and I are also excited about a wedding under golden bells.
    Wow! There is so much to do before June arrives.
    Much love to you, and we all send a very Happy New Year!!!!!

    • Organizing a wedding is a big task, and a nice place is the most important, Drake & Sol can collaborate flying over the area … it’s true, you have a lot of work 🙂
      In Spain there are a lot of friends of the couple that would like to attend the great event, not everyone has wings … I too would like to attend the wedding … my kids get married !!! I also want to spill a tear 😉
      Hugs and kisses.

    • Los esfuerzos de mi Agencia Matrimonial para Patos se ven recompensados, Drake está dispuesto a usar todos sus recursos … y Sol se lo merece 🙂
      Yo también te deseo un Feliz Año 2017.

    • This is going to be the great event of the blogosphere in 2017, my traveling ducks are getting married !!
      I’m so happy, I think Benji will be a great best man for Drake 😉
      A big hug.

      • It will be! It will be Benji’s first wedding, so he is a bit nervous but I assured him that all will be great. Hugs, the ZAB team.

      • Ohh Benji, your first wedding, well, do not worry, the trick is in a good choice of bow tie and in smiling at the guests, you’re going to have a great time !!
        Thank you for your friendship and for your good mood 😉
        Happy 2017 … it’s coming!

      • A. said that we will look for a bow tie for me once we return from our vacation, more on that later too. Happy 2017!

  3. Seems like the summer of 2017 will be amazing… 😀

    All the best wishes for you and yours.
    Can’t wait for even more of your creativity next year… 🙂

    • Our Marriage Agency gets its first success, we have a wedding in Canada !!
      I am so happy, my efforts are rewarded with great amounts of love 😉
      I wish you a happy new year, full of joy and great events !!

  4. Cara Belén, ogni tanto mi assento da mondo virtuale per dedicare tempo alla famiglia e alla scrittura… ma sempre con piacere ritrovo i tuoi lavori. Ti spero in buona salute, purtroppo io ho appena passato 6 giorni sdraiata a letto con febbre molto alta (influenza), oggi è il primo giorno che riesco a stare un po’ seduta e cerca di ricuperare gli amici per gli auguri di buon anno. Questo che si è concluso, è stato molto difficile, culminato con l’infarto di mia mamma che ci ha fatti pendere uno spaveto… Ora lei si riprende adagio, ma necessita una maggiore presenza della famiglia. Ti abbraccio forte, un bacio :-)c

    • Cara Claudine, ti auguro una pronta guarigione dalla tua influenza, e mando i miei migliori auguri per la tua mamma, mi dispiace la tua triste fine dell’anno.
      Per me il Natale è un momento di grandi contrasti, gioie e dolori sempre viaggiano insieme in questi giorni …
      Vi auguro un felice anno nuovo, buona salute e buon umore.
      Baci e abbracci !!

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