Pájaro de cerámica y metal
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Polluelos III

Pájaro de cerámica y metal


Pájaro de cerámica y metal


Pájaro de cerámica y metal


Pájaro de cerámica y metal



Mis pequeños polluelos continúan con su  crecimiento, sus largas patas se han desarrollado mas rápido que sus alas y los primeros vuelos no son siempre exitosos, a veces, la mejor opción es contemplar, cómodamente sentado,  las evoluciones de los mas atrevidos.

Arcilla roja horneada a 1040ºC, metal y arcilla refractaria en la peana, decoración con esmaltes cerámicos en bicocción.

Belén Soto


    • Muchísimas gracias!! … su atenta mirada parece observarlo todo con gran interés, son sus primeros vuelos y todavía tienen mucho que descubrir.
      Un abrazo.

    • Ohh Ralph, what good advice, I have started with the first lessons, for now with little success …
      They look at me with their eyes wide open and with a lot of scepticism … I keep trying.
      Thank you very much and a big hug !!

      • We are slowly trying to get back to some sort of regular schedule too. I wanted to get back to my water color painting but haven’t yet. Hugs and smiles!

    • Your nice comment is the reward for my creative efforts.
      I would like to have the ability to continue to surprise …
      Thank you Sheldon !!

    • Hello Robin, thank you very much !!!
      My workshop is full of little chicks, they are still very young and they keep that look full of naivety, eyes wide open so you do not miss anything …

  1. Gorgeous, and very adorable!
    He has a very good neck for a bow tie. Will he be attending the wedding? Drake still needs another Groom.
    Much lve to you, and how wonderful to see a new piece! HUGS!!!! xx

    • Hi Resa, thank you very much!!
      Well, I tell you that there are many aspirants, everyone wants to attend the wedding … I have to choose between Drake’s friends the perfect Groom.
      Much love to you too.

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