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Modeling: Take 2

Preparativos de boda – El padrino de Drake
Wedding preparations – Drake’s best man

Life of Benji

I have to say, and I wouldn’t have thought so a half year ago, but my modeling career is taking off very nicely. Maybe one of these days I can even bring up a raise. Here you can see the results of my third paid gig. Just to refresh your memory, this is in anticipation of Drake and Sol’s wedding. So I am happy to report that my treat account is growing. On the other hand, I seem to be using more too so not sure about the balance at the end of this month. I hope I’m not in the red, except for the bow tie. After all, the humans decided that I was too skinny and there is only one remedy for that. So, keep it coming or the tummy will grow hungry.

As you can see, both Ms. Zulu and I are taking the wedding preparations…

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  1. Benji looks fabulous! I’m so happy he is the best man for Drake! Big hugs to you & Benji’s mom!!!!
    xoxoxo Besos!

    • This was a great success for you, Benji is perfect, handsome, polite, elegant, kind, very funny … and his mom is great !!!
      You chose the most appropriate for an event like this
      A big hug for you & Besos

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