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Calling Cupid

Me gustaría desearos un feliz día de San Valentin.
Gracias Brad, por este divertido poema … y por tu eleccion de las modelos
I would like to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.
Thanks Brad, for this fun poem … and for your choice of models

writing to freedom

Calling Cupid


Sea, bridesmaids, love Sea

this boy is ready for romance

happy feet itching to dance

ready for rock, roll, or swing

or maybe two-step is your thing


dance into these tender arms

Bridesmaids, Lua, love Lua

surrendering to the charms

with promises to nurture your heart

giving romance a joyful start


Once again I’ve enjoyed letting my imagination play along with Belen Soto’s fanciful ceramic characters. Lua and Sea are a pair of bridesmaids, but I’m in the mood for romance, so I highjacked them from the wedding to play at my Valentine’s dance party! I hope you swing over to Belen’s blog and explore her wonderful ceramic art. 🙂

May you nurture your heart with love and play this Valentine’s Day!

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    • Thank you very much, they are so beautiful with her red ribbons, I think they deserved this post 🙂
      A hug from Spain … and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    • The girls are so excited, they want to be muses of poet …
      I say there are very few job offers for muses, but that does not seem important now, they love fame !!!

  1. A very belated Happy Valentine’s Day Belén ! Hey, let’s call today Valentine’s Day ! Hugs from Spain to Spain 🙂 ❤

    • Any day is perfect for red roses, gifts and party, let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day at least four days a month …
      I also like dinners outside and gifts 🙂
      Thank you Ralph … and happy belated Valentine’s Day.
      Big hugs from Galicia to Andalucía!!

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