Duende de cerámica
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Familia de duendes, él

Duende de cerámica


Duende de cerámica


Duende de cerámica


Duende de cerámica



Él es un pequeño duende de ojos azules, una auténtica rareza en estos bosques del norte, le gustan las plantas y sus habilidades como horticultor son bien conocidas en la aldea.

Sus tareas favoritas son, sobre todo … estar siempre con Ella y, basándome en su estilizada figura, creo que también la repostería.

Arcilla blanca horneada a 1040ºC, decorada con engobes cerámicos y un posterior vidriado.

Belén Soto


    • Many thanks Karen, they look so happy with their colorful clothes 🙂
      There is a third member of the family, but the result was not good, the glazes slipped more than expected …
      Enjoy a peaceful Sunday.

      • That’s such a shame Belén for the poor little guy, will you be able to rework it or maybe have to resort to making another?? I’m really not very wise on how most pottery and glazes work when things don’t happen as you would have liked?! It is very disappointing after all your hard work too…I hope all come good 🙂
        Have a lovely Week 🙂

      • In ceramic the errors are difficult to solve, the third fire is not advisable …
        The problem is in one of the eyes, the black color has slipped, but I think I will not retouch it, not all have beautiful eyes … I can say that the elf suffered an accident playing 🙂
        Happy week!!

      • It’s such a shame the colour slipped, but, imperfections have their own beauty too (plus, you have a good explanation already for the poor elf’s eye!!) Sadly Peppy, our dog, getting very old now, has Bell’s Palsy and his eye has slipped and also sagged (It is not too nice to look at) though I think I love him all the more for being old and as he is!
        Have a lovely week 🙂

      • True, imperfections have their own beauty, I think I’ll publish the photos.
        Thanks, kind regards to Peppy!!

      • I’m so happy you decided to show us all the adorable, Elf The Small One 🙂 You give all your creations such wonderful expressions, they really come to life!!
        Peppy is so happy for your kind regards, he’s now snuggled under his blankets for the night 🙂

      • I like to think that my works get, sometimes, a smile from the audience that observes them.
        The faces are very important, I spend more time in it … their eyes have to tell us something. (In this case the glaze has not gone well, as we talked, a small accident climbing the trees …)
        My dog also likes to be under his blankets, Peppy is a clever dog!!
        Thanks Caren.

      • I love to see your work and creations and can tell you must take so much care with their expressions! They always make me smile when I see one of your new pieces 😀

      • The pleasure is all mine….Every time you show us your new exciting pieces Belen 🙂 Enjoy lovely upcoming weekend and lots more crafting!

    • Hola María, muchas gracias, parece un duende muy divertido, de los que te gustaría encontrarte en el bosque … no como esos traviesos duendes de WordPress que trasladan tus amables comentarios a la carpeta de spam, no los soporto con sus bromas pesadas, algún día … 😉
      No te lo tomes a mal, a mi también me lo hacen, disfruta de un feliz y soleado domingo, al menos por aquí.

      • Si, Belén, juegan conmigo esos duendecillos, pero ya lo tomo con paciencia 😉 😉
        Besetes, guapa!

      • Jejeje, de mi también se ríen bastante, estas cosas pasan por dejarlo todo en manos de unas máquinas y unos algoritmos … 🙂
        ¿Quién corrige a la máquina cuando esta se equivoca?
        Feliz semana!!

  1. Una familia muy peculiar. Son tan reales que parecen que fueran a salir de la foto. Dios bendiga tus manos para que tu arte nos llegue siempre.

    • Hola Resa, muchas gracias!!
      Todavía falta un personaje para completar la familia … el mas pequeño.
      The third member of the family (the kid) suffered a minor accident in his right eye, (the glaze slipped into the second fire) but I think he deserves a post anyway 🙂
      Besos y abrazos!!!

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    • Muchas gracias Aquileana, me alegra saber que te gusta, a mi me parece tan divertido, me salió un duende muy atractivo … con esa divertido gesto en el rostro 🙂
      Otro abrazo grande para ti!!

  3. Belén it feels so good to visit you and catch up with your beautiful creations. Will love to explore more of your blog. Bye and best wishes always and💐 for you.

    • Thank you very much Christopher, very kind of you !!
      Is a little elf of the forest, he lives in my workshop but he searches for a leafy forest with tall trees … he likes to meet new friends.

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