Duende de cerámica
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Familia de duendes, el pequeño

Duende de cerámica


Duende de cerámica


Duende de cerámica

El pequeño

Duende de cerámica

El pequeño


Él es definitivamente el mas pequeño, también es el mas divertido y travieso de la familia, llegó sin avisar y se ha convertido en la mayor alegría con la que Ella y Él podían soñar.

Aspira a ser un gran portero de balonmano en el equipo de los duendes, su sana rivalidad con los abusones del equipo de los elfos es conocida por todo el bosque.

Arcilla blanca horneada a 1040ºC, decorada con engobes cerámicos y un posterior vidriado.

Belén Soto


  1. Belén, Elf The Small One is so adorable and you’ve captured a look of mischief perfectly!! I’m not surprised at all He and She are so happy and proud of their little addition 😀

    • He likes to play a lot, is enjoying the most fun time in the life of the elves … I think also of humans 🙂
      Thank you very much!!!
      (I think that soon we will solve his eye problems, a small brushstroke with black paint in cold can be a good therapy)

    • The youngest of the family, he loves jokes and is a little naughty with the humans he finds in the forest … but, deep down, he is a lovely child 🙂
      Thank you very much, I’m glad you liked it.

    • His parents have dressed him in all the colors of the forest, try to go unnoticed when he plays among the grasses.
      Elf families are very responsible with their children 🙂
      Thank you dear Christy!!

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    • Thank you very much for your support to my works dear Brad, it is a joy and an honor to illustrate with some of my creations your joyful posts.
      Have a wonderful week !!


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