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Silly Salvation

Nuestros fantasmas tienen el honor de ilustrar un precioso y positivo poema acerca de la vida, los amigos y los paseos …
Gracias Brad!!
Our ghosts have the honor to illustrate a beautiful and positive poem about life, friends and walks …
Thanks Brad !!

writing to freedom

Silly Salvation


Silly Salvation, poetry, play The Fantasmas by Belén Soto

we embrace and talk

a moment to laugh and walk

relief from the daily grind

letting go of my fearful mind

the stories don’t matter

reduced to minor chatter

thanks to a walk with thee

my heart is full of glee


The gifts of friendship and laughter.

This poem was inspired by my friend David who embodies the gifts of play, laughter, and enthusiasm. It is such a pleasure to spend time in his company. A walk in the neighborhood becomes a healing retreat; full of laughter, acceptance, and connection. Dave has a gift for making fun of life and himself in a way that helps me let go of my stories and a mind that wants to figure everything out. Most of us are stuck in our stories, needing to endlessly repeat them in a hopeless attempt to gain the love, relief…

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  1. Son los fantasmas más originales que he podido apreciar. El poema quedó de lo mejor. dejó entrever que llevas una inspiración llena de intensidad en todo lo que haces. Bien por ti y tu arte.

    • Mis pequeños fantasmas se niegan a asustar, ellos prefieren hacer nuevos amigos y los sustos no ayudan …
      Muchísimas gracias, te envío un cordial saludo!!

    • Hello Sheldon, I am sorry for the delay with which my response arrives, WordPress hid me your comment and I have not seen it until today, I do not understand these system failures … but, I am really sorry.
      Thank you very much for your support dear friend, my work and my life have found a quieter and simpler way, now I have free time again and I don’t suffer the nerves and haste of previous times, I have recovered my happiness again.
      Thanks for everything, I send a big hug !!

      • I saw one of your recent posts that you found someone who brings you happiness that’s what it is all the an suddenly your heart starts to sing again
        Peace and prayers
        Btw your work is magnificent and you’ve have got most abstract
        Please stay in the loop
        If I’m not here I’m on Instagram…kleemansheldon

      • Sometimes, to find happiness it is necessary to get away from people who do not love you, there are many bad people disguised as good people … and it is difficult to detect them.
        Now I am very happy again and that is the most important thing for me.
        Thanks again for your support, we keep in touch.

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