Perro de cerámica esmaltado
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Benji, segundo fuego


Perro de cerámica esmaltado



Perro de cerámica esmaltado



Perro de cerámica esmaltado


Perro de cerámica esmaltado


Perro de cerámica esmaltado



Las piezas han pasado de nuevo por el horno y el fuego ha realizado su alquimia, los esmaltes, ahora ya vitrificados, crean una fina y suave capa que cubre toda la pieza.

En esta ocasión Benji, nuestro modelo favorito, ha escogido su habitual abrigo atigrado, su camisa mas blanca y una divertida pajarita en color verde.

Nuestro agradecimiento al equipo Z.A.B.  por permitirnos trabajar con sus encantadores modelos de cuatro patas.

Belén Soto


    • Vielen Dank Wolfgang!
      Natürlich variiert der Preis mit der Größe.
      Für Sie, zwischen 30-40 Euro für 15cmtr.
      Glückliche Woche.
      Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut und Google ist ein bisschen chaotisch … ¿verstehst du?

    • Thank you so much!!!
      I had some difficulties with his tiger coat, but with a dog as lovely as Benji it’s more fun to look for solutions, I’m glad you like it.
      Hera also likes tiger coats … it’s a fashion trend for furry 😉
      Good night Marina
      Thanks for sharing it on Facebook

    • Gracias, Benji es todo un personaje, encantador … a mi los perros me desarman con su mirada, me hacen sentir que soy alguien importante para ellos … y eso me gusta.
      Disfruta de una buena semana, aquí hoy ha llegado el frio.

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  2. We love, love, the sculptures! So adorable. The tiger coat was a difficult one and you did a fabulous job. Of course we had to share the wonderful news that the sculptures are finished!

    • Benji’s coat is beautiful, maybe I have forgotten some of his stripes … they are so many.
      The filter used in the photos varies a bit the color, it seems darker, I will never learn to be a good photographer.
      I am glad to know that you like the pieces, you are very kind with my work, thank you very much.
      A big hug!!

  3. Wow!!!! Benji is perfect. You are magic, dear Belén. Anarette must love this fab creation.
    I know I love it! xoxoxo

    • Thank you very much Resa, I love that Benji look, intelligent but also a bit childish … he is a big puppy 🙂
      Like Drake, the green bow tie brings an intellectual touch …

      • The green bow tie looks perfect on both of our friends. Although Drake’s Santa hat will be red. He wants a green one, but I have put my foot down!

      • Sometimes confuses Santa with Saint Patrick, the color must be red … that’s the tradition 🙂
        Drake will try to convince the cats to dress up as reindeer, try not to get into trouble …
        Much love!!

      • Thank you! I will explain the difference between Santa and St. Patrick.
        Oh, I was wondering why Drake has me looking to buy small antlers. I actually found some, but the cats refuse to wear them.
        Drake & Sol send much love!

      • Well, I worry Sol and Drake might spoil Rain this Christmas. They are already planning many gifts for her. Of course Drake has many chocolate gifts planned, but I have already told him that is not good for a young duckling! 😀 xoxo

      • I am sure that among the gifts will appear a giant chocolate cake with a small sugar duck crowning it … you must talk about how delicious the carrot cake can be.
        We do not want a baby duck with overweight 🙂 🙂

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