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Year of the Dog – Yay!

Mi pequeña colaboración en el año del perro, un precioso homenaje para nuestros fieles amigos … muchas gracias querida Resa
My little collaboration in the year of the dog, a beautiful tribute to our faithful friends … thank you very much dear Resa

Graffiti Lux Art & More

⭐️ This special post celebrates the Chinese Zodiac: THE YEAR OF THE DOG⭐️ «Hello, I’m Hera, your Hostess of Ceremonies on this exciting occasion».

Artwork by: Marina Kanavaki – Photo © Marina Kanavaki

«I know I’m gorgeous, but my mom’s art pillows help add to my beauty. My mom is an artist, Marina Kanavaki and she has a blog!

At this celebration you will meet many dogs. You will meet real dogs & graffiti dogs.»

Above is Clay & Ruty. Their mom is Belén Soto & she has a blog, too! Hmm, that looks like a park behind them! Of course, dogs LOVE to go to the park with their humans.

Photo © Marina Kanavaki

«Year of the Dog begins on February 16, 2018 & ends on February 4, 2019.»

«So, let me introduce this stunning white graffiti dog I met in Graffiti Alley in Toronto.»

«Ah, beauty, thy…

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  1. Très joli ce graffiti avec ce chien. Tu aime les chiens. Perso, j’ai aussi un chien. Si on est gentil avec eux ils nous le rendent bien. Bonne soirée. Bises 🐕

    • It is true, it is the best way to bring art to the public.
      The four-legged ones are the best and most faithful of our friends;)
      Thank you very much Rebecca!!

  2. I like the photo of you with your dog, Belen. The graffiti art of the dog is beautiful. I hope the year of the dog means a good year! ⭐🌟

    • My dog thinks he is still a puppy, but his weight on my knees has increased 🙂
      I believe that the year of the dog has to be a very good year, they always fill my days with smiles.
      Thank you very much!!!

  3. I see that we missed a couple of your post! They seemed to have been snowed under even though I’m sure you’re rarely plagued by snow. Beautiful pics! Especially love the one of you and Clay. The ZAB team.

    • Here the problem is the rain, she has no intention of leaving for now 🙂
      Clay has a puppy soul … and a big dog’s body, a punishment for my knees, every day is a little heavier …
      Thank you very much and a hug for you and for the whole team.

    • They bring me the best smiles of each day 🙂
      I am really enjoying my new puppy (the white dog of the photos) has an excellent character, is really good and very affectionate, an authentic love (in dog)
      Thank you very much, I send a big hug dear Anna!!

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