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Lucky Lluvia

Con la ayuda de nuestro querido amigo Brad Volz, Lluvia ha iniciado su carrera como artista, por ahora su papel es el de musa para poetas pero esto es solo el inicio …
Muchas gracias Brad!!!
With the help of our dear friend Brad Volz, Lluvia has started his career as an artist, for now his role is that of muse for poets but this is just the beginning …
Thank you very much Brad!!!

writing to freedom

Lucky Lluvia


Lluvia, poetry, pottery Lluvia- by Belén Soto

Drake and Sol are mates so royal

parents both affectionate and loyal

flying on wings of love

they travel the skies above

I’ve heard rumors of a coup

escaping with a Canadian troop

they joined a merry gaggle

full of laughter and babble

geese, play

This is the latest in Belén’s collection of fun and playful ceramic figures. They inspire me to laugh, play, and enjoy life. Drake and Sol have found a new home in Canada with Resa. I don’t know if Lluvia will join them or exercise her free will to fly away. You can visit them on Belen’s blog.

Speaking of geese, this silly one was crossing the street near my new office in an Interesting synchronicity. I wonder what it means to have a goose cross my path. Maybe it’s time to play!

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    • Ella no ha escogido un trabajo fácil, siempre necesitará la colaboración de un artista pero al igual que su creadora, Lluvia es una chica con carácter, cuando decide algo …
      Muchas gracias Rubén!!

    • Our beloved young lady soon begins her career, I think she will bring us many surprises … she is so cute and intelligent, imagine how proud her parents will be, Drake thinks that this news deserves a good ration of chocolate for everyone ; )
      Thank you very much, hugs dear Resa !!

      • I have to agree with Drake about the chocolate celebration.
        Although, I don’t agree with him when I finish the dishes and he quacks up with «Okay, a chocolate celebration!»
        Sol always backs him up!
        Lluvia sends many very special besos to you!

      • 😀 😀 😀 LOL
        For Drake it’s always a good time for a celebration … and a good celebration should include chocolate

    • Now Resa and I share an adorable family, we are mothers of ducks … and also grandmothers of ducklings 🙂
      Resa is a wonderful woman (like you) always willing to help her friends.
      Thanks for everything Robin, I send you a big hug.

      • I think Resa and you are very skilled and talented artists, along with being darling Mum’s for ducks and ducklings. Thank you for your hug! 💞

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