Oso de cerámica esmaltado
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Un poco de ejercicio físico

Oso de cerámica esmaltado

Oso deportista

Oso de cerámica esmaltado

Oso deportista

Oso de cerámica esmaltado

Oso deportista

Oso de cerámica esmaltado

Oso deportista

Oso de cerámica esmaltado

Oso deportista


Éste ha sido un largo invierno, frío y muy lluvioso, después de muchos meses hibernando dentro de la madriguera los músculos se resienten, la mejor opción en estos casos es rescatar la ropa de deporte del fondo del armario y comenzar la puesta a punto con un poco de ejercicio físico …

Arcilla roja horneada a 1020ºC y posteriormente decorada con esmaltes cerámicos en bicocción.

Belén Soto


    • Con lo sport è necessario mantenere un atteggiamento positivo 🙂 i risultati sono più soddisfacenti … l’estate sta arrivando ed è necessario mettersi in forma 😉
      Grazie mille Maria, buon fine settimana!!
      (I think my English is better than my Italian … thanks to Google Translate for his help and you for your understanding)

      • No problem. Belén! My italian is not as perfect as English! So you can write in English only! 🙂 Have a nice creative week too!

      • I know, but Italian is such a beautiful language that I can not resist temptation, I love listening to Italians when they speak, it’s so musical … so beautiful!!!
        I have some books at home, dictionaries, grammar … but I think I need time to study 😉
        Thank you.

    • It’s good to start the day with a cheerful face … and maybe with some sport, I’m not a good athlete 😉
      Thank you very much Sheldon … and happy weekend!!

    • Grazie mille Anna, ho i libri «Impara l’italiano» e i dizionari a casa mia, ma non ho tempo 😦
      L’italiano è una lingua preziosa e un giorno ci riproverò …
      Buon fine settimana!!

    • I love bears, they are impressive animals, great athletes … mine is practicing gymnastics a bit … I think what they really like is dancing 😉
      Thanks a lot dear Robin!!

      • This is just the nicest ceramic bear ever! You truly gave him a playful personality, Belen. He is so friendly and adorable. You’re so welcome; but thank you for sharing! ❤️

      • I try that all my creatures smile to the public … I am very tired of seeing so many sad and angry faces every day … I think life is easier if they offer us a nice smile 🙂 Thanks!!!

      • You are so right about sad or angry faces! It is much more pleasant to try and see the beauty and joy in the world. Your sculptures​ always make me smile. 😊 You’re welcome, Belén. 💕

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    • Our bear loves hugs, we have also taught him to respect the fruit of the neighbors … and to be nice to dogs, he is a sports bear … maybe Benji could help him with the agility tests 🙂
      Thank you very much, I send kisses and wishes of happy weekend!!

      • Haha, Benji would be thrilled to teach. Happy wanderings this weekend with big kisses. The ZAB team.

  2. How sweet, Belén! Of course, my ducks are sweeter. 😀 😀 Your work is amazing! Besos y abrazos, amiga!

    • It’s true, your family of ducks is very sweet … I can not imagine you with a family of bears living in your house, it is not easy to buy food for a precious bear like this, the bill for apples and honey is really terrifying, it does not have comparison with the current spending on chocolate and cakes … 🙂
      Thank you very much dear Resa, besos y abrazos for my Canadian family!!!

      • Lol!!! Well, to be honest, I have learned how to make chocolate banana bread. It’s more healthy and the ducks haven’t figured out what the after taste is. I told them it is a little bit of white chocolate. They believe me…..for now! 😀 xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      • 🙂 🙂 I don’t think it works for a long time … Drake is an authentic groumet … hard to fool ❤ ❤

    • Muchísimas gracias por esta preciosa rosa que me ofreces … y por tus visitas, eres un cielo, de verdad, gracias.
      Te deseo un feliz fin de semana!!

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    • Gracias Vicente, eres muy amable, tu si que eres un artista, para mi que siempre he encontrado una gran dificultad en el arte de combinar palabras (me cuesta incluso lograr un título para mis obras) tu habilidad es extraordinaria.
      Un abrazo desde Vigo!!

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